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Sorry if my casting choices are the same as other users lists. If they are it isn't intentional and I apologise in advance.
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Note I'm British so I was doing this list into April. Might not do another top 10 of the year for some time. Might be a top 5 for 2013.
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Work in Progress
This is only gonna be one per franchise.
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Note: I havn't seen every film ever made and so this list will change from time to time.
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Max Payne is one of my favorite games of all time. Haven't seen the movie yet but I heard the casting was off. Here's who I would have cast.
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Work in Progress (haven't seen everyone of the yet)
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Work in Progress (haven't seen every one yet)
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I'm not talking about movie with great themes. I'm talking about movies with great music throughout not just one.