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25 November 2006
I rented this movie thinking that I was going to see a really scary movie (from watching previews). but when I watched it, it was possibly the worst, most drawn out and pointless horror flick I've ever seen.

The acting was terrible (as in most scary movies), and when I watched the movie I thought I was experiencing déjà vu with all of the repeated and pointless scenes. Not only did they literally play the same scene twice for no apparent reason, but they filmed it again with different angles about three other times.

Most horror movies have extremely bad acting and usually unbelievably dumb characters. While the acting wasn't as bad as most in this genre, the characters were possibly the most stupid since Addison (Emmanuelle Vaugier , Saw II).

The plot went almost nowhere and the little places it did go were so predictable that I could barely watch. If you are thinking about watching this movie, please do yourself a favor and save the money.
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Spirited Away (2001)
Mystical and enchanting. A key to another world.
10 September 2004
Mystical. Enchanting. A key to another world. There are so many ways to describe this movie. The movie focuses on a young girl who is trapped in a sort of "spirit world". When her mother and father are turned into pigs, young Chihiro has to save her parents before they're cooked and eaten. It may sound silly, but this tale has more to it than farm animals. When Chihiro is frightened, she runs off. When a boy finds her, he tells her that she must get a job at "The Bath House". A sort of retreat for spirits. But to do this, she must speak with Yubaba. The witch who rules The Bathhouse. After Yubaba agrees to give Chihiro some work. She takes her name away from her. And she is then called "Sen". While shes at the bath house, she is put under very hard work. I could say more, but that would be foolish of me. This is a great movie that I think people of all ages should see for themselves. Its an enchanting and heartwarming story that I've watched over and over again and have never gotten sick of it. It has been another inspiring movie from Haiyo Miazaki that is above all his best yet. A 10 out of 10 for this wonderful movie.
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An inspiration.
10 September 2004
Again, Haiyo Miazaki and Walt Disney Animation have created a masterpiece. Kiki's Delivery Service is an inspiration to me as an artist. The movie concentrates on a young, innocent witch who leaves home for training after she has turned thirteen years old. When she finds a town near the ocean that she LOVES, she decides to stay there. When she gets there, she has trouble finding a place to live. Until she meets a nice woman who takes her in in exchange for doing some chores for the bakery the woman runs in her home. Kiki starts a delivery business inside the bakery. "Kiki's Flying Delivery Service". Above all, this is a great movie. The music is great, the animation is beautiful, the story is fantastic, the voices and the overdubbing are great, the characters are lovable. What more could you want from an anime? Overall, I rate it a 9 out of 10.
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