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It gets better within time, 18 November 2012

I had watched this show from the very first episode and I was one of the people who weren't very impressed. The casts may have been finely chosen, but the lines they were given didn't do them justice. The plot line itself was with intriguing potential and, yet, it had fallen flat from its underrated portrayal. I could have fallen asleep by the time I reached thirty minutes into the pilot. Then, as more episodes began to roll around, something unexpected and exciting happened: it got better. The relationships developed into something deeper, characterizations went from bland to intricately layered, and we were given more insight into what happened post-and-pre blackout. It was gradual progression but it was undoubtedly admirable progress. Episode 3 and beyond can testify to that. Overall, I truly do hope this TV Show is able to continue onto their second season and I am ready to see what it is they have to offer.