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BEST of TV History!, 19 June 2012

If any TV show really described true Husband - Wife Relations & How to stand by each other facing all the Ups & Downs of life...then Home Improvement does it with a Perfect 100 mingling in it all the genuine & perfectly crafted humor not taking it on an emotional level! Its a Perfect family entertainer and no one could have made it perfect other than the awesome cast of Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard Karn, Earl Hindman etc. Its been over 21 years since it premiered on Television...but it never does loose its value coz its all about Simple Life! Have always loved Tim, and his work & talent really outshines in this series. The chemistry of Tim Allen & Patricia Richardson is so believable & perfect that you could not help taking them as real life couple. They are truly one of the most romantic pairs in Television History! And, then there are unforgettable performances by Earl (Wilson), Adorable Al (Richard), Beautiful Heidi(Debbe Dunning), and the 3 great actors especially Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Having all 8 seasons with me, It still makes my daily Dinner time perfect! Thanks a billion to the creators of this amazing Series! :)

Even the conveyor of God is an ordinary Man!, 5 April 2012

First of all, I am a Big Fan of Jeff Daniels & Lauren Graham....and I am an ardent reader who loves Books like anything! And, the combo of four (Fourth, being the GOD!) made it deadly tempting for me to watch it all the more! Its a very sweet movie with its own pace showing when we ordinary people at times go through the Solitary phase of our lives...

I won't start writing about the story or the characters but would leave it as something to look forward to. Its movie about all of us...searching for answers, looking up to God to help us find them....and in a way to find our own selves back.

So If you love s simple, sweet story, love Books, Love God....then do watch it! Its not a master piece of any sort, just a simple sweet...good heart felt movie.

Prancer (1989)
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Loved It!, 3 January 2009

Well, Very Few Christmas Movies touches your heart immensely as Prancer do!It really captures the spirit of the Christmas, and shows that not every one have that perfect happy Christmas as they show in many movies! Life may seem & is lonely for many people, even on Christmas, but then Christmas always is magical, and if you believe in it with your heart, Christmas never remains the same, but it becomes more special than ever. This Movie has some marvelous performances by Rebecca Harrell & Sam Eliott, and makes the movie a great watch with the Family, especially on Christmas! Watch it, you wont be Disappointed!

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Just perfect romance!!, 28 July 2006

Now this is a movie which will always be close to my heart.This a perfect romantic movie which will fill your heart with love and excitement.Lucy,the character played by my favourite actress Sandra Bullock is more of a shy closet beauty....the perfect girl i would want in my life!Sandra Bullock fills life in this character.She just plays this character with so much perfection that you just cant help but love her.

While Bill Pullman plays a sweet brother character which shows his talent as a good actor.This sweet couple played by both actors and the magical romance which is their in the story of this film is beyond words. All i can say is that this movie is worth watching at least once in life!!

Someone to Love Me (1998) (TV)
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Just loved it!!, 25 July 2006

This movie is just awesome and shows one how to control yourself sexually.The performance by Jessica bowman and Linda carter are well beyond words.......And,i suggest this is a kinda movie which every college student must watch and learn a lesson from it that sex is not everything in life,its just a part of your true love life and brings with itself big responsibility.

Such movies must be made often and shown on TV to make college goers realise what life is all about and what place sex has in it. So,at end being a college student i learnt a lesson from it and hope many like me will do the same.... Worth to watch!!