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Jez and Mark "swap partners"!, 29 January 2006

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Mark's sister Sarah comes over, having split up with her husband, and Jez sleeps with her. Mark is annoyed, so Jez tells him that he's in love, however really he is getting freaked out when he's in bed with her because she reminds him of Mark. While Jez and Sarah are out, Suze comes over and her and Mark go out, then they return and sleep in the same bed. Jez gets very jealous, Mark feels guilty because of Sophie, and so in the end Mark tells Suze out loud all the things which make him not want to go out with her, and Jez goes for a drink with Suze, leaving Mark to tell his own sister that Jez wants to dump her. This is quite a funny episode but fairly predictable.

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Someone else finds out Clark's secret..., 29 January 2006

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This is a great episode. A boy called Ryan has the ability to read people's thoughts (but only what they're thinking about right at that moment). He lives with his evil stepfather after his mother's death, who is using him to run a crime business. One day he is running away from his father and Martha crashes into him. So he goes to live with the Kents and finds out Clark's secret. The stepfather comes back and kidnaps Ryan, but he doesn't co-operate with him, so the stepfather tries to kill him, and Clark must save Ryan.

Also in this episode, we find out that Lana probably has feelings for Clark, because Ryan asks Clark if he wants to know how Lana feels about him, but he says he'd rather find out for himself. And Lionel tries to get Lex to move back to Metropolis when he realises his son is doing better than he expected.