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All the movies I've watched all the way through.
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All the tv (and web) series' I've watched every episode of (or every episode up to the latest currently available to me).
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Movies about tv.
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Work in progress. Very bald characters.
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Work in progress. Because I like cats.
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Work in progress. Doors of assorted shapes and sizes.
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Work in progress. Fancy hats, or hats worn particularly well.

There are way too many hats on this list. I think I got a little carried away.
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Work in progress. Clocks and other dials.
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Work in progress. Moments of surprising creepiness in otherwise relatively innocent films.
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Work in progress. Is that a beard? An over-enthusiastic five-o'clock-shadow?
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Work in progress. Characters with beards.
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Time machines, dragons, giant mechanical spiders, tornados... Movies with unusual devices of transportation. Spaceships and rocketships not included, because there are so very many of them.
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Movies adapted from literary sources. Sometimes not very literary. Sometimes not very faithful adaptations. Includes folk stories and fairy stories. Stephen King writings have their own list, as do stage productions.
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Xmas movies. Sort of. Somewhat eclectic.
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Movies about movies.
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Movies about music, movies with notable soundtracks. Not actual musicals.
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Comic book and comic strip adaptations. Also movies about comic books, strips, and their artists.
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They're watching.
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Vampire flicks.
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Robots, smart computers, cyborgs. Also some cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk. Mecha included.
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Adaptations of plays.
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Australian movies. Or Australian-ish movies. With apologies to all movies actually about Baum's Oz.
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Adaptations of writings by Stephen King.