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Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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Crap, just crap, 22 June 2009

Have you ever wanted to like a film, just so you can keep liking the genre? I truly enjoy zombie-humor-cliché-flicks, but this one is just plain stupid.

If you don't believe me enough not to look at this crap, just lean back and prepare yourself for 1 hour and 21 minutes of: bad effects, stupid lines, horrible acting, plot holes the size of Jupiter and impossible physics.

I do like the fact that the filmmakers are trying to renew how the zombies interact with the living and each other. But the way they do it in this film, nah... watch the classic DotD instead.

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Sci-Fi Highschool comedy, 28 August 2007

There have been a LOT of Marvel/Mutant/Superhero-movies produced lately, and the quality ranges from "really stinking bad" (Daredevil someone?) to "Whoopaaa!" (X-men 1). So is the sequel to the first mediocre Fantastic 4 movie a new blockbuster? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. There is no tension in this film, what so ever. Despite the fact that the world stands before a great peril, there is no feeling of despair, no sense of danger or even some signs that the members in the fantastic four feel a little uncomfortable.

Effects are good and the Silver-Surfer himself looks really cool. Jessica Alba is so over-the-edge sweet that you could slice her up and sell her as candy. But in the end, this is nothing than a Highschool old fashion comedy about the nerd and the good looking girl wrapped up in a little Sci-Fi and spiced with some nonsense science.

The Host (2006)
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Good start but fails to deliver, 6 March 2007

The movie does really start interesting. Good character development, funny one-liners, good CGI and the chase is on. But then something happens... well, nothing really happens. For about one hour or so people just keeps running around in dark places and talking about nothing that keeps the story moving in the right direction.

It was hard to stay awake during the final 15 minutes, which is really bad when you consider that this is an action/horror/comedy flick. Not really worth seeing, not even if you enjoy movies like "Resident Evil". This movie is "Alone in the Dark" kind of bad, only that people speak Chinese instead.