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Mostly overlooked but brilliant horror films.
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The main ingredients of JC´s Halloween. The origins, scene by scene, and where it all came from.
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The greatest writers, producers, directors and artists of horror / suspense and mentions of their significant work.

Tracing it back to the romantic roots of the 18th century gothic novel and the 19th century penny dreadfuls. The subsequent revolutionary novels (Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).

Then Jack the Ripper and the birth of realism in modern day horror. The pulps, comics, to dramatic radio, television and cinema. It´s all there in historical order.

* If you feel a name is missing on this list. Please comment and I will get right on it!
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Not necessarily in this order.
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Music that keeps on haunting...
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Automatonophobic Horror for Dummies :p
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Feel-good, nostalgic, corny sillyness I feel guilty about liking.
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These are films that have a strong sense of mood. Something to watch on a stormy and sleepless night perhaps.
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Films on tv which disturbed my fragile egg shelled mind, while growing up in the 90s.