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Cello and Goodbye--I hope so!, 6 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another long boring episode of Ray Langston centered angst as he chases after Nate Haskell, taking Catherine with him to LA, where Nate has kidnapped Ray's ex-wife.

Nick and Sara arrive to help and a cute blonde SID (that's Scientific Investigation Division in LA) provides assistance. Catherine thinks she looks familiar--and wa-la--we learn she is Conrad Ecklie's daughter.

Ray "goes rogue" and disappears from his cop escort and hunts for Nate on his own. He calls Doc Robbins who clues Nick into Ray's plans. Sara, Catherine, and Brody (Conrad's daughter) sift around in blood--of course Brody is smarter than Catherine or Sara and its Brody who figures out the flies are putting blood on the wall. Sara has forgotten more than this kid has learned, but that's another story!!)

Ray manages to buy a gun, the LA cops do not like his disappearance act, but Ray manages to hunt down Nate and the current girlfriend. As if by magic, Nick arrives and figures out where Ray is staying. Nick and Ray chase Nate around and around (maybe the title should be "Here we go again").

Greg uses his history knowledge (and internet skills--is this guy a librarian?) to find a clue to Nate Haskell's background.

By now, everyone is chasing everyone else, Nate's girlfriend ends up dead and now the LA cops are after Ray for this killing! OH NO!! Again, Ray is one step ahead of everyone else but Nate, and he heads back to Vegas and the farm from last week where he finds Nate Haskell! AND it's a fight between the two as amazin' Ray fights for the life of his ex-wife!

This story is so old, confusing, has no logic, that it is a crime to call it CSI! I'm not interested in Ray's angst nor his love for his ex-wife who has moved on, and any case of an escaped serial killer crossing state lines would be all FBI--not CSI from Vegas--that just doesn't happen! Here's hoping Langston makes a permanent exit along with Haskell!

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CSI can do better than Nate Haskell, 28 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a long time CSI fan, I can hope this is the beginning of the end of Nate Haskell, and for Ray Langston. Nick's "mooing" at the black and white cow was the only humor of the night, and the best part of this episode. Nick and Greg find a barn filled with body parts (and Farmer Thorpe is vaguely familiar--oh, he was Grissom's old mentor, Dr. Gerard in 2002!!) Sophia returns for all of 3 minutes to tell Ray she's calling in the feds to look for Nate Haskell.

Langston is hurling himself around with his own agenda, telling Chief Detective Sophia (or whatever her new title is) what to do and why she can't call in the feds to look for this horrendous serial killer who escaped eight weeks ago!! Would an escaped serial killer really be walking around, getting plastic surgery, and the feds NOT be after him? Meanwhile, Nate has managed to extract 2 million dollars from the father of one of his 'brides'--what makes a groupie a 'bride'? (Now, we all know banks will not give out 2 million $ to anyone without calling in the feds, but Nate gets his millions!) We see cut up male and female part--a bit overdone, imo--and the group figures out who is who and with his amazing powers, CSI newbie Ray Langston figures out Nate is really sending a message to him and Nate is no longer anywhere near Vegas BUT he's somewhere else where he can "blend in"---OH, as with a magic wand, Dr. Ray decides Nate Haskell has to be in California--Los Angeles, of all places!! Next shot is a pretty woman playing a cello with a small audience and we see Nate and one of his women in the audience. And the cello playing beauty is none other than Langston's former wife!! Another close up of Nate Haskell and them "To Be Continued"...

I am beginning to think someone at CSI is out to close this once fine series down! This episode came across as cut-out and paste-together scenes--no flow, no smooth teamwork as seen for many years, just jumping around from one set to another.

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A low point for new season episode, 23 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bombs going off at a cemetery, Nick takes the blast while shouting a warning to others. This comes after we get a replay of Langston getting stabbed by Haskell, who then was beaten by police so both go to the ER. Langston loses a kidney, but quickly recovers.

Everyone is searching for a bomber; a new bomb tech girl shows up and she has a soft accented voice (hard to understand her). Langston, still in the hospital, is able to direct the search using his computer! (Is this for real--I have to ask myself "is this CSI?")

There is a sweet little scene between Nick and Catherine where she admits she has talked the police psychologist (after Warrick died) and perhaps Nick should do the same. After all, he was in the restaurant (last season) when the young cop was killed and is recovering from being shot, as well as the bomb blast.

Sara shows up for a few minutes when the police go to a meeting of anti-government folks--where we see a young boy (Justin Beiber). The crowd goes wild when the police bomb squad arrives, Sara throws a punch.

Greg and Catherine end up on a "trash" run, dead homeless guy. Vartann and Greg stumble upon another bomb, which goes off, but they are not hurt. Ends as Catherine says: this is not over. Closes on the kid sitting in jail.

This is a very odd episode for opening the season. All of the regular cast looked bored to tears (no lab rats) so maybe it is time to close this series. Or rename it The Ray Langston Hour as he seems to know everything.

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Hawaii 5-0 or Magum PI??, 21 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought I was watching NCIS:LA on a new night, but then realized it was the old name (Hawaii 5-0) with a bunch of new characters. And they all look alike--ruffled hair, white teeth, tan bodies, oh, and an Asian guy and a skinny girl doing kick boxing.

Then I tried to figure out the time line: Is the young Steve the son of the old Steve? Young Steve did find the right car in the garage! And now the new, young Steve is working with people who have the same name as the people who worked with his dad? Except one is a girl now. And the young Steve never learned to button his shirt--well, I guess he did while in the Navy.

The first episode jumped around so much that I lost interest before the end came--and the bad guy disappeared so I'd guess we see him again. Not sure the shoot-outs, fist fights, gun battles, and cute gags are enough to get me to return for scenery of Hawaii to show up. Please--Someone needs to feed that skinny girl a biscuit! While it is nice to see beautiful Hawaii anytime, too many of the sets looked like California--or fake! I think a good police/crime drama set in Hawaii would be a great show, but this is a poor remake not of Hawaii 5-0 but of Magum PI.

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Country music, CIA, and CSI all on CBS, 5 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rascal Flatts fans probably love this episode and seeing the guys perform, one gets hurt, flirts with Catherine and can't remember being a country music singer. Very light, funny story, and all is well in the end when who you suspect as the bad guy is the bad guy. The obsessive fan is truly comic relief. We learn Nick doesn't have to like country music just because he is from Texas, and Doc Robbins knows his guitars. Second "B" story, Langston and Sara work the death of a retired CIA big shot who is found in Lake Mead, canoe missing. We hear a comment about Grissom and Sara's honeymoon and a canoe. Of course the CIA comes in, as do the bad guy Germans, the story takes more directions than a squid and then they find Sarin, and Langston knows all the answers before anyone else, meets with the CIA guy who seems to know Langston's dad in the past. While this episode wasn't a complete wash,it doesn't hold up to writing from past seasons. Too much of Langston and his vast knowledge of everything. Rascal Flatts was enjoyable,Jorja Fox is lovely, but the CIA-German-son connection was a real stretch. The CIA guy offers Langston a job, let's hope he takes it.

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High School drag racers and then some, 4 February 2010

SPOILER!! SPOILER!! This is an episode that seemed to borrow characters and scenes from previous episodes--a dead teenager with a fast little restored car (except it had an electric motor!)and his missing cheerleader girlfriend, her friend, lots of others who were boarder-line bad guys. And what's a crime isn't really a crime, but a sad tragedy for one and then the missing becomes the murder with all kinds of "what-ifs" flashed around.

The car race sponsored by law enforcement was an interesting scene and lots of cars--restored, kit cars--even an interesting high school automotive shop.

We've seen the girl hit and thrown - Fallen Idols; gathering of souped up cars - Revenge is Best Served Cold, Chop Shop & Anatomy of a Lye; Catherine and Nick racing - Revenge is Best Served Cold. The girl in the tree brought back memories of Scoobie Doobie Do. So the writers are rewriting previous stories with a different cover.

It was great to see Nick and Sara together and LESS of Langston (which actually makes this episode a great one!!) But Greg needs his humor back. On a scale of 1 to 10--this one rates a 5 for original store, but a 7+ for Nick and Sara.

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Old Chips are just old Chips, 25 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The potential for this episode was great, but every minute following the first five was just depressing. Old chips have no value unless you collect them for some reason. The state of Nevada has no interest in paying out old chips, so there's the ultimate answer to what should not have been a question. This could have been played a dozen ways and been better. By the end--I didn't care. Actually, I was sort of encouraging the bad guy! Maybe this is the end of Ray Langston--could we hope for his departure? I'm willing to send the producers $1 just to get him off screen!!! The best moment was hearing Nancy Sinatra sing! We did get more than 30 seconds of Greg (for the first time this season), did Greg follow Grissom to Costa Rica? And what was up with the 5 seconds of Nick--off to a bug convention! Then it became, AGAIN, the Ray Langston Hour, of how this new, level 1 CSI gets to answer all the questions, knows the answers before the question is even asked, and everyone else disappears. What has this great television series become? Fishburne had great potential, but for me, that's been lost by overkill on screen, and his known-it-all character. Please bring back the original characters--I'd settle for Nick, Greg, Catherine and Brass! Just let Ray and Riley (who appears with as much charisma as a wall!!) disappear over the summer!!

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The team is working again, better than the 200th!, 10 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everyone got a little action this week. Nick and Riley get the skydiver, Ray (level 1) is out on his own investigating a dead guy in the desert, and Catherine and Greg get two rich dead guys by a pool. We learn the skydiver and the rich guys are connected. Ray tells an old fable about a religious man dying from an object falling from the sky and solves his case. The skydiver and dead guys by the pool are a little more complicated. Editing and visual mistakes abound in this one--why is the grave shift working days? Why is Ray working alone? Why is Hodges in the morgue working a dead body? And put on your "closed captions" cause you will never understand the accents of a couple of these guys. Brass is letting off his zingers as usual. After 30 minutes, we finally get Catherine and Greg--both seem to have disappeared this season. With this one, maybe there is hope on the horizon that CSI will get back to it's old self. Whoever thought this show needed a big "star" to be good needs to be fired.

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What has happened to CSI?, 3 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a stupid episode--now I know why Petersen left! The story bounced around--a voodoo scene was just plain laughable and played no role in the story of a graduate student found murdered, maybe by Mexican wrestlers or maybe by a Voodoo 'god' or maybe by a serial killer announcer. The actors--I hope they are actual fighters and not actors playing fighters! Catherine and Greg have all but disappeared. Even Brass looked in pain as he went thru the motions of playing beside Fishburne's Langston. As a matter of fact, why don't we just rename CSI "The Ray Langston, CSI, Show"---this episode was nearly as bad as the "Two and a Half" one last year! The famous director, Friedkin, needs to stay retired, go back to living off the 2 or 3 big movies he made 30 years ago!! I hope someone decides to hide this episode and never show it as a rerun.

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Plot holes or where are the writers?, 1 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought I had seen a bad CSI episode last year with the 2 and 1/2 men mess, but this one comes in as a close second. Within 30 seconds of finding the dead FBI guy, my teenager said "he's a fake"--not sure we were supposed to figure that out so fast! When he has no fingerprints,(Surgically removed) I breathed a sigh that maybe we would not have to watch Ray Langston try to take a print. As the story unfolded, we saw more of the CSI level 1 Langston, (against all we learned when Greg was a level 1)running the entire investigation with brief glimpses of Nick and Brass. Then, plot holes of all plot holes, the dead guy is fake FBI and now he has fingerprints?? It got worse--drive by shooting, Brass slinging blood on a guy's face, another dead body, the real FBI shows up, and the fake FBI threesome turns out to be mental patients trying to clean up their neighborhood. They actually were doing better than the local cops from all appearances. CSI's biggest problem is educating its fans to the point of knowing what's been done for 8 years. Get back to well-planned, well developed story lines, or Vegas goes the same way as Miami--watched for T&A and comedy relief!! Where on where are the good writers? How long must Grissom stay in Costa Rica? When will Petersen return from play acting to redirect this great television series?

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