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Call Girl (2012)
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Excruciatingly boring, 10 November 2012

Great acting, especially from Pernilla August, that's why I don't give it a one. But if I just wanted to watch realistic people I wouldn't need to go to the cinema. I go to the cinema to laugh, be inspired, be emotionally moved, be scared, have my views challenged, be surprised etc. A given movie does not have to meet all these criteria to be good, one might be enough. But this movie doesn't meet any.

I read one professional review (Uppsala Nya Tidning) of this title saying that it was "exciting and emotionally captivating". I would say that the movie's total lack thereof is its main problem. It's extremely slow paced and its main themes are very familiar.

I am at a loss to understand why this Swedish movie has managed to receive unanimously great reviews from the Swedish professional reviewers. Makes me question their objectiveness. Or they may go to the cinema for entirely different reasons than I do.