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Fight Club (1999)
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Perfect, 22 January 2013

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This movie is perfect. The acting is perfect. Everyone performs outstandingly, even the bit part actors. The writing is perfect. Every line seems real and thought out to the point that you would assume it is all taken from real-life accounts. The story is perfect. It makes you think about the world we live in and what is possible for one person to achieve. The narrating is perfect. It doesn't overshadow the entire movie and is always implemented at the best of times. It is a must see. I don't want to say any more than that because I don't want to reveal a single thing about this movie. All I can really say is that this movie made me respect Brad Pitt as an actor and it made me realize that Edward Norton may be one of the generations best actors. There is some confounding stuff at the end and as another review had said, "it blows the sixth sense out of the water." Some close friends have told me it was predictable but they said that after seeing it. Nobody that has watched it for the first time has gotten during the experience, so if you do then you are quite the genius. What are you doing reading this if you haven't watched it. Go buy it, watch it, ponder it, and watch it again. It is a must own!

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Pathetic at best, 22 January 2013

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This movie was one of the most mangled pieces of garbage I think I have ever seen. I actually almost wish that I was speaking in hyperbole. I was so insanely bored by "found footage" of some loser cop's college class project that I would rather have watched a documentary on the history of drinking straws. The movie is basically about two cops that do nothing but goof around, break protocol, and act like the low-lifes that they are trying to uproot. Not only is half of the movie unrealistic, such as ignoring a government agent's orders to leave the gang that they are dealing with alone, buts it is saturated with stereotypes that are hyperbolas themselves. The "gangsters" in this film talk like they are actors in a porno. Almost every line of dialogue that they utter is laced with f-bombs. Don't get me wrong cussing happens a lot in many people's lives and occupations, but to the point where literally every other word is f**k is annoying. There is a particular seen where some of the gang-bangers are talking about killing the cops and it sounds somewhat like this, "Dude, F, we are f-ing gonna f these f-ers up f-ing forever f-ing even f-ing if we have to f-ing f those f-ers 'til they're f-ed so much that f-ing their f-ing mom will be f-ing skull f-ing them to f-ing bring their f-ing f's back to f-ing life. F bro. I'm f-ing serious. F. F. F I F-ing love you." And this kind of dialogue happens at least three times for what seems like 10 minutes each scene. The fact that the gangsters are filming themselves is one of the dumbest things because most of the recordings are of them talking about committing crimes and killing the cops. I'd love to see the court case after the fact where 300 hours of incriminating footage had been recovered as evidence to put these idiots down. That might almost make a better movie than this one. Then there is the other stuff that all the other bad reviews have mentioned. The acting is terrible. And no I do not believe that Gyllenhal and Pena saved this movie. It is the worst film that either of them has been in. Also many of the reviewers are right; these cops would have died horrible deaths with as many bullets that were supposedly being shot at them. The fact that cops would be portrayed like this, even though I hate cops, it is disrespectful to all who serve for the police forces in America. I can't even think of any redeeming qualities for this film. If I could I would give it a zero. The only part of the film where I may have smiled in joy is when one of these loser cops kicks the bucket but then they ruin the movie again by letting his partner live and sob into his chest. I'm actually surprised he didn't kiss him goodbye. My movie theatre has a "no refund policy" and therefore I sat and kept praying the movie would somehow get better or at least just end. It is really sad that stuff like this can get released in theatres, get good reviews, and steal my money all in one day. I've practically stopped seeing movies for the first two weeks because that's how long you usually have to wait for the honest reviews to emerge.

Avatar (2009)
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Awful, 10 November 2012

This movie did not live up to the hype and it made me doubt that James Cameron has any sensibility. The story is stupid. The characters are ridiculous. The creatures are laughable. The movie is for the most part boredom. If the movie was 60 minutes long it would have been better. The acting is flat at it's best. The CG is like something from a made for TV movie. The 3D turned me off from 3D for an entire year. It hurts me to know that there is going to be a sequel to this crapfest. Two and a half hours of my life wasted on what turns out to be a giant metaphor for deforestation. Go watch a Ridley Scott film and you'll have spent your time as best you can in the science fiction genre. Actually, even Heaven's Gate is better and it's not even science fiction. And that movie was an abortion of entertainment.

Dredd (2012)
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Iconic Action, 10 November 2012

Dredd 3D is an amazing movie. Sure, the movie does take away some of the elements that can be found in the comics but it keeps all the stuff that makes them great. A believable future is created in this film along with an also disturbingly believable police force. Dredd is the embodiment of iconic action heroes but in a good way. He's dry and calculating like Dirty Harry, resourceful like John McClain, and has a Stalone vibe to how he carries himself. Some complain that Dredd's face is never shown but that helps create a character that everyone can see themselves being; a person who desires to enact justice on criminals. The movie has a simple but somewhat intriguing plot. Anyone who says it doesn't is looking for too much depth in a movie that is basically about a day in the life of a future cop. Dredd has no character development because he is already developed into what he'll always be; walking justice. His partner develops and learns how harsh the world really is and it makes her stronger. The story is great, the action is great, and the fact that they took away some future elements to make the film more realistic makes it better in my opinion. Some claim they should have spent more on the film but I saw no reason as to why. It looks and feels real and it's nice to know that maybe there is still hope that someday Hollywood will realize money doesn't make the movie. The only other thing to address is the gore. I've heard complaints that this film has too much gore but I just don't see that. The funny thing is that when people get shot they bleed and bones break and guts spill. I know, crazy, why would anyone think that when you get shot in the face blood and bone chips go flying instead of rainbows? I've seen gore. This film is mild compared to what one reviewer used as an example for a less gory film; Saving Private Ryan. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who remembers this but there is a scene where a soldier is seen trying to shove his own intestines back into his body in that particular movie. Dredd takes every good action movie and an amazingly well done comic, blends it, strains out the mundane and unnecessary, and creates a delightful action smoothie that is enjoyable again and again.