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One Of My Favorite Movies, 7 October 2005

Being a huge Kevin Smith fan, its no wonder I love this movie so much, it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Its a close toss up for my favorite Smith movie, right next to Clerks.

The Plot: Holden McNeil(Ben Affleck) and Banky Edwards(Jason Lee) are two long time best friends and the co-creators of their successful comic book Bluntman and Chronic. One day while they were pushing their comic at a comic/sci fi convention, they met a girl named Alyssa Jones. Holden immediately falls for Alyssa, but his hopes are shattered once he finds out a shocking surprise, she's a lesbian. Still, they form a great friendship which only makes Holden more in love with her. Once Holden reveals his love to Alyssa, they form what seems like a great relationship. Things change; however, once Banky fears that this friendship will affect their long friendship and Holden has to deal with Alyssa's rich past.

The Good: This is a very well done movie. Kevin Smith is well known for his creative dialog and clever direction in all of his movies, this is no exception. The actors performances, especially those of Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Joey Lauren Adams, and Dwight Ewell, is exceptional. You won't find better direction for this kind of movie. I normally don't like love stories but this is one of those rare exceptions.

The Bad: Nothing really bad about this movie but its not for everyone. First off, the movie deals with some really touchy subject matter. Its also one of the most profane movies I've seen. If you are offended of either one of these subjects, I wouldn't recommend it.

Overall: Chasing Amy is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I give it a 10/10!

Carrie (1976)
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A Masterpiece In Horror..., 4 August 2005

...Yes, it is a masterpiece. Carrie is an excellent movie based on the excellent Stephen King novel. This movie is a classic that appeals to hardcore horror buffs and others too.

The Plot: Carrie White is an outcast to her friends at school. She is the girl everyone picks on, she isn't very pretty, she is awfully shy, and people seem to hate her for no reason. Her mother, a obsessed and at times psychotic devout Christian, abused her daughter in the most terrible ways. Things begin to look up when Carrie is asked out to the prom by one of the most popular guys in the school. Prom will be a night to remember... if they live through it.

The Good: This movie is a classic and definitive film in the horror genre. It set many standards for the horror movies that followed it. This will probably forever be remembered as Brian De Palma's most famous movie, and it is easy to see why. Carrie has some of the most impressive direction and cinematography I've ever seen. You will believe it when you see it. The acting is superb. Although some of the actors may seem a tad to old for teenagers, I think they are good. Sissey Spacek gives a groundbreaking performance as Carrie, the character who made her a star. Piper Laurie was the perfect choice for Margaret White, Carrie's crazy mother. Most of the supporting cast excels too. Also, look for a pre stardom John Travolta, in his first major motion picture performance. The movie starts out with a creepy and dramatic theme, and picks up into a scary bloodfest for the finale. May I add, the final scene is so crazy, it will make you fall out of your seat.

The Bad: Some of the acting in this film is merely average at best. My other complaint about this movie is how it deviated from the book at the end, but it sticks to its source very well until then.

Overall: Carrie is a must see! I Give it a 9/10!

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Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma, 12 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original Friday The 13th was the one that started it all. The world's first exposure to the infamous Camp Crystal Lake aka Camp Blood. It goes like this. Camp Crystal Lake, after being closed for a number of years is reopening. The Camp has been closed for so long due to a number of catastrophes such as the young boy Jason Voorhees drowning in the lake, cabins catching on fire, and (I almost forgot) tons of camp counselors being brutally slashed and murdered by a killer running loose in the camp. So when the camp is being reopened, its deja vu, the new camp conselors are in for it. The killer is back and is ready for more. This is the movie that started in all, the classic slasher series that has a total of 11 films to date. The movie is good, but don't expect a truly scary horror film. Its full of some tense moments, nice jumps, and gore, lots of gore. What it lacks is some decent acting (not very impressive). Still, any horror collection isn't complete if you don't have at least one Friday the 13th film, so this one is not to be missed.