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Are you ready for your wake up call, 17 December 2012

I was really surprised at the message in this movie. In this day of so much negative energy in the movies it is so refreshing to see a film that takes a situation and gives it hope. I love how the film shows a metaphysical approach to the inner child in us and how we can deal with tragedies in the past. Erin Gray is wonderful in this film and from the beginning to the end you can see her transition from a troubled woman to finally dealing with her inner self. I totally love this and have never seen it done so good in a movie before. With this theme approached with a beautiful background of Mt Shasta, an excellent cast, and fantastic score I recommend Dreams Awake for all ages. Truly well done.

Superb and inspirational, Really hits home., 4 December 2012

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This is a wonderful film that will lift your spirit and steal your heart. A young boy with what would seem be a predetermined future in a coal mining town decides to dream big and tries to change his destiny. With the dangerous nature of coal mining the injuries and after effects Homer Hickham (Jake Gyllenhaal) he knows he cannot follow the path his father took and what he wants for him. The way the director captured the lives of the coal miners and the plight of being under a ceiling of rock. The black faces and constant coughing of the miners constantly reminding us of the danger they are put in. What makes this film more captivating is the relationships between the different characters. The dad a classical hardened manly man, with a soft side deep down. We have a father who truly loves his son even with all there fights. The support and encouragement of the teacher is very important as well. After seeing sputnik launched homer sees it as a opportunity to get away from the town tradition even as he has resistance from people in his life. After he experiments on building his own rockets with friends and ends up winning the school science fair. Years later he ends up actually working for NASA which makes this even a more endearing film. Since there were some superficial flaws as with other true story movies the movie still came together where others have not, with good storytelling and real emotions and a period piece. When I saw this years ago when it came out I still remember the applause at the end and almost everyone staying to the end. It was just one of those films that stays with you. Even seeing this movie again it still got me choked up. Seeing how this kid with a predetermined future having a lot against him, showing nothing but his faith and desire to change his life path ends up making his dreams come true.

A superb touching movie., 4 December 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The musical scores in the movie were amazing. The way they blended a little gospel, rock and classical were seamlessly integrated in a way that worked very well. Although the movie was predictable you are still overcome by the execution of the story. The main characters were all attractive people that are able to channel the story with very little dialog. The supporting cast also portrayed strong performances. The movie does a good job of celebrating the importance of music in our lives and how it can tie us all together. The performance of Freddie as the orphaned child as a music prodigy was especially moving. What really connected to me was his unyielding faith and will to never give up on his dreams to reconnect with his family. This should be a must see for any family or anybody who enjoys movies.

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A really great film, 8 November 2012

This is one of my favorite movies to watch. A movie with no guns, violence, gangsters, no gratuitous sex, just down-to-earth good people, and a good message. A great gem for anyone. This is not just a baseball movie. It really hit home that it was just a awareness that we are all flawed, the expectations we have for our parents sometimes too high, especially when we grow up sometimes we aren't able to achieve. This is also about having a second chance to say hello to Dad. To enjoy doing something he enjoyed and and what his father before him enjoyed, but you were too young to maybe appreciate what that moment meant at the time. I had started to realize how much baseball is a American past time near the end of the movie after James Earl Jones speaks about it. I could watch it again and again not just for the sport but for the sheer fun of living through that moment that might not happen anymore unless you have your own kids.

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A enjoyable family movie, 8 November 2012

This is a clean movie about a baseball team that is down on their luck,and a young kid wishes for help for the team. Being as the team is the Angels, actual angels come to help the players play better. As the film progresses and the team wins more games each player and coach start to believe in themselves. For once, the good team ends the game not with heroics at the plate but with the pitcher snagging a line drive. Overall the movie was predictable but a great movie to watch with a family. Watch at least once-it is worth the effort to catch it. It is especially recommended for families who may not be able to have a lot of time to spend together.