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Lego Battles (2009) (VG)
Brilliant! But 6.9 for rating??????, 17 August 2013

This game is the only reason why I still have my DS Lite hanging around. It is absolutely brilliant. There are 90 levels and six different campaigns! There are 3 different stories but you have a campaign for both sides in each story. The three stories are Lego Castle,(Skeletons vs knights) Lego pirates(Pirates vs Imperials) and Lego space(Aliens vs humans) each theme is very well done but my personal favorite is Lego pirates. I loved the ship battles and the tropical island fights. Each faction also has a mini faction allied to them. The mini factions only have one type of soldier and one special and their hero. They also have one building only used for the story. It would have been better if this building was available for free-play and multi-player. The pirates have Islanders,The Imperials have ninjas,(a bit weird.) The Knights have Dwarfs, The Skeletons have Orcs, the humans have space police and the aliens have space criminals.Each of the factions and mini factions have a hero. There are also female/male(depending on what gender the hero is in the story) versions of the heroes in the story for free-play and multi-player along with some extra heroes coming from older Lego series for these game modes. In a battle each side is allowed a maximum of: 1 hero, 20 units and 4 specials. You need a total of four farms to accomplish this unit cap because each farm provides the option to build four units and one special. At the start of a battle you can build no specials, 4 units and the hero. This games multi-player is brilliant with up too 3 players! I have played 3 and 2 player multi-player several times with friends and it was really fun(especially with me never losing a game against anybody in my life!) The only reason why this isn't a 10/10 is because there is no wifi multi-player which means that if none of your friends have this game then you can't play multi-player and you should be able to have three armies in free-play if you can have three armys in multi-player. This is an amazing achievement for a DS game and must be the best game on it. Definitely worth playing.

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If this is one of Randolph Scott's best westerns then I would hate to see his worst., 6 November 2012

This film is one of the worst westerns I have ever seen.First of all,commanches with Mohawk haircuts!This film is very racist to the commanche,it contains almost every single stereotype I have seen in western films.I have seen bad westerns before but at least the mistakes they make in them are funny,this film is just boring all the way through. What ever you do do NOT buy this if you want to buy a good Technicolor western buy broken arrow,I will fight no more forever,Tomahawk/the battle at Powder river,the searchers,Run of the arrow and centennial is a great western TV series.The only good thing about this film is the setting but you don't normally watch a film just for the setting.If you can find this film on the internet for free watch it if your really bored and have nothing else to do.