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A Triumphant Achievement, 27 July 2004

This masterpiece of modern cinema is a must see for young and old alike. Take a magical trip with these lovable trolls as they teach you and your children how to make new friends using the time-proven techniques of singalongs, stick ball and tickling. Superbly acted by from the first frame to the last "gobbledy gosh." Steven Boldis gives a powerful performance as the troubled young Jackie, brilliantly supported by Danielle McGovern as his fragile, often frantic, sister Lisa.

The special effects are breathtaking. For example, during the journey to the Trolls' world, Boldis and McGovern are miraculously shrunk enough to fit into a toy school bus. It doesn't stop there. What follows is a nail biting thrill ride through outer space that will have you on the edge of your seat. You will be dazzled when the evil troll is somehow transformed into a friendly troll right before your very eyes. This is film is undoubtedly the inspiration for such special effects triumphs as the Matrix trilogy and Spiderman 1 and 2.

Only under the direction of Ernie Shultz, in what is perhaps his greatest effort to date, could such an epic tome of love and friendship have been possible.