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A 16 year old boy swim star becomes addicted to porn after a friend refers him to it. It ruins his life., 25 June 2005

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In the movie, Justin at first does not seem interested in internet porn until a friend emails him pictures. He begins to like it and soon it goes out of hand; he starts to not just look at regular porn, he looks at "wickedly sick" porn. His friends start not liking him because of the kind of porn he looks at. He introduces porn to his younger brother which makes his parents find out what he is doing. Then he begins lying to his parents which makes his disease even worse.

Jeremy Sumpter did an excellent job portraying "Justin". His character in this movie was more mature than his character in "Peter Pan".

This movie was very well made. It shows the disease of internet porn and how it effects your life.

This movie shows that looking at porn is a very bad habit that is hard to break. You have to try really hard to get over it.

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Great show that deals with important issues., 30 May 2005

Degrassi is a great show for teens as well as adults. It deals with many important issues including teen pregnancy, homosexuality, losing family members, drug abuse, bullying, puberty, and child abuse. This show teaches many important lessons that everyone needs to know.

Once you start watching this show, you start to think how much your life relates to it. You begin bonding with this show.

I give this show four stars because this show deals with problems calmly, but effectively. It is not only a drama, but also a slight comedy. I recommend this show to anyone.

If you are truly a person, this show is a must-see. There is no reason to not see this show.

Watch it on Digital Cable channel 109, Noggin. It comes on everyday. Check your local listings.