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Waste of opportunity., 18 May 2010

This movie is about the true story of a poor immigrant, syndicate leader, that became the president of Brazil. The story itself is amazing and deserved to be told. However, the execution here is way poorer than it should. There are many Brazilian directors capable of doing it.

The movie is at all, really bad. The reconstruction of the period id poor, the acting is bad, the casting is at all misplaced. The preparation of the actors was really poor, the accents are wrong, the set is too bi-dimensional, the history set is shallow, it doesn't account for what was the dictatorial period the movie is set in.

At the end, you can't understand or believe in the main character because the director was too much of a fan, or was unable to portrait the man as a real person.

As the story is pretty good, It's is only a badly executed movie. It's a pity, hope this story gets to be told more properly in the future.

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Experimental and quite difficult to swallow, 30 December 2008

Experimental and quite difficult to swallow kind of movie. The story is not interesting and although there are artistic concepts the overall movie is not good. The rat is quite idiot and remember a lot a French movie called Sitcom, but even less interesting and more "poetic" in a boring way.

It's quite surprising that you could get Selton Mello's acting and the beautiful nudity of Alessandra Negrini (playboy magazine worth's more) and make such a lousy movie.

The movie is longer than it should be, the story clearly fits in a short movie and it drags itself in such a huge effort that you feel really good when it finally ends.

Really disappointing.

December (2008)
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Dark, in a poorly executed way., 30 December 2008

This movie has been highly overrated by critics, or I'm just stupid and didn't get it.

The fact is that the story of the troubled guy coming back home is quite interesting, but although I really respect and like Selton Mello as an actor, the direction of the film is not good. The editing is quite silly, keeps changing from different angles that doesn't show anything. The TV angles, in which characters are shown too close is not beautifully unpleasant as I believe it was supposed to be, it's just lame. There's a huge difference.

It has some serious thought involved in the production, but the execution is far from good, the ideas are there but the inexperience of the director is very clear although it might be disguised as a different style of film-making, it didn't feel like it.

The acting though, is really good. It's a shame that most of the time the framing and the poor lightning doesn't allow you to enjoy that. The film is mostly in the dark and you can barely see the actor's faces.

I'm aware of the fact that it was not supposed to feel good, to match the story telling and what the character is going through, but in my opinion there are other ways to get the same result, Darren Anorofsky's style, for example.

Overall, I'll just hope that Selton's next project is less pretentious and better executed.

The five is for Selton's career, for the nude of Graziella Moretto, yet silly, and because it was better than "A Erva do Rato".

Special Forces (2003) (V)
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The only way to like it is being on drugs, heavy ones., 5 January 2008

This is certainly the most awful movie ever done. The action scenes are expensive and ridiculous, five guys fight an army in open field with a van.

A helicopter is destroyed and the same army who did it can't destroy the van.

The enemies jump in the air ridiculously when shot, a guy kills a lot of people with a punch in the stomach or opening a door strongly against them.

The acting on this film is terrible, the direction is horrible.

I'm out of adjectives, I've just seen it and came here to comment.

I dare anyone to see the whole movie.

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Reality in the face., 17 January 2007

This documentary is a precise portrait of the simple life in the Brazilian favelas (slums), it shows the life of 5 teenagers about to give birth to their child, analyzing why they got there in the first place and broadening to the conditions of their living and their family.

These lives are shown absolutely brightly by Sandra Werneck, an acclaimed Brazilian director, no judgments are forced or obvious, the script and editing are amazing.

The punch in the stomach comes from realizing that it happens by our side, in 2006's society, developed absolutely unequal, and from the lack of opportunity and information that lead this children to this situation.

In the movie you can perceive the great differences that exist in Brazilian society, following the dynamic waiting of these unprepared girls for the birth of their children.

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A shame-full copy of a way better movie., 27 November 2006

At first I hadn't seen Infernal Affairs, movie from which departed is copied poorly. Then, I didn't realize that this movie was never supposed to have been done. It's an outrage to the actors and producers of I.A. to make this movie. It's is just a lame copy, with worst changes possible and famous people. Really terrible that Americans have to do such things. Just go and watch Infernal Affairs and never waste your time on this Departed stuff. Who in the hell would believe in Leonardo Dicaprio is a bad mob man, that would kick anybody out? No one. He's a shame to himself, it's a shame that Scorcese have dragged a very good Nicholson and Marky Mark into this crap.

Shame on you, Scorcese. Infernal Affairs Rule!

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Poor birth of Brazilian Cinema., 3 July 2005

It's a historical movie. One of the first of Brazilian Filmography, it has it's importance, but clearly shows how underdeveloped the seventh art was in Brasil in that point. Years before had been made: City Lights, Modern Times ans M (Fritz Lang). Mauro's filmed theater was then dated and boring, but important to the development. History curiosity, that's all.

The acting is definitely theatrical and the quality of the copy we have today, even restored, is terrible.

In the years to come, better things (considering international panorama) were made in Brazil.