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Still working on it, but here's a list of movies that left an impression on me. Some are disturbing, depressing, ridiculous and/or even funny. Note: I have the weirdest taste in films.....
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I know finding a 'good' horror movie can be difficult these days, but it's all about your taste in the end. Here are some horror flicks I had a fun time watching XD
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Just a bunch of names of people who I admire and think are gorgeous :)
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I really got a thing for movies with crazy plots and symbolism, so i made a list of movies i really enjoyed as i started to understand them more. I don't only mean movies that you have to watch twice to understand, but i'm also referring to films that give you a different experience while watching it the second time around. I'm kind of new to these types of movies, so i would really appreciate some recommendations <3 :)