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Such a Sad and Touching Documentary About the Late John Ritter, 11 September 2004

I watched "A Life of Laughter: Remembering John Ritter" on ABC on September 16, 2003 and I loved it. I came on IMDb and noticed nobody added it to this site, so I added it to IMDb myself. I would like to comment on this. This documentary takes a look into John Ritter's life, career, and the full details about what happened the day he died. Many actors and actresses are interviewed in this, including Diane Sawyer as the host. If you ever get a chance to see it, then watch it. Because you will laugh and cry. This documentary gets very sad. Especially at the end. We miss you John Ritter. You will forever be in the hearts of everyone who loved you. R.I.P.

In Loving Memory of John Ritter:

September 17, 1948 - September 11, 2003