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Great Family Movie for children 6-16, 19 January 2011

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We are grandparents with 5 grandchildren between the ages of 6 and 12. We often get together for the weekend, & an evening family movie is often a part of our weekend finale. This movie may not be a critics choice, but we all loved it because it was truly entertaining, had a great story line, had action, adventure, fantasy, and mild romance. It had pretty decent acting from all of the characters, and an ending that didn't blow you away by being what you wouldn't like (Message In A Bottle-like stuff.) It was a happy ending, even though one of our favorite characters died. Bonus........... not a swear word in the whole film. David Carradine was the only actor we recognized in the film. There were others in the film that were up and comers, and after checking up on them in the IMDb database, I see their careers are moving right along. I'll take movies like this anytime, because.... they are entertaining, and for some of us that is the point.

"Rome" (2005)
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Captivating, 24 September 2006

This series is better than 24 or Alias. I bought the series DVD set which just came out & it was so Captivating that we watched the entire 1st season over 3 nights & couldn't wait to get home each night!! A realistic portrayal of Rome starting in 42BC & going forward, including the politics of the day and an in-depth Look at what the life of the wealthy Romans at that time was like. It Is the story Of Julius Ceasar, Marc Anthoney, Cleopatra, Pompei Maximus, and other figures that you will have heard of. It has battles. It has sex and love scenes. It has Roman citizens building their own empires within the City of Rome and the Roman Empire. It has lesbians and prostitutes and male sex slaves and incest. Whover would have thought that a TV series could be this interesting and captivating.

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Great drama and human emotion, 24 April 2005

I was in shock when I found out that The District had been canceled. It was my all-time favorite show, and I could not understand why a show of this quality would not be continued at least as long as Gunsmoke or The Johnny Carson show. Good grief, every single episode had a real life story line that held your interest, the characters were very, very real, and the actors were all extremely good, and each episode held me from start to finish. Mannion was truly a unique and delightful character, he was humorous, yet deadly serious about his mission. He was resourceful and intelligent, and his emotions ran the gamut of human experience- from deep love to intense hatred. His character was likable, respected, and admired, while you could laugh at him at the same time. Each of the other characters was very special, and they all blended together in this series so perfectly, so wonderfully that I am still scratching my head wondering why, why did they cancel it? While it is true that Lynne Thigpen was a central character in the series, and that her untimely death was a true loss to this series and to the world, I believe she could have been replaced by Sherri, or another character similar to Ella, so this was probably not the cause of the cancellation. Whatever the cause was, I think we have lost a truly great TV series by this shows cancellation. Craig T. Nelson- I love you & I miss your show & all of the other great characters, truly talented people.