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Once again, I'm impressed!!, 13 May 2013

The last time I gave a show an 8 out of ten was when I rated the Boondocks. That was funny and Inside Amy Schumer is funny. I will almost guarantee I will watch every episode every week. Inside Amy Schumer (I.A.S) is hilarious because she mixes reality with exaggeration. This is something that takes skill. Very few comedians know how to exaggerate the situation while at the same time keep it realistic. I would assume (from the title) I.A.S describes a bit about her. If not, then Wow! She can act. A few months prior to seeing I.A.S, I saw Mostly Sex Stuff. (Check out my review on that as well). That was also laugh out loud funny. So when I heard that Amy Schumer was coming out with a TV show, I had to see it. To my surprise, Inside Amy Schumer had some big name people guess star. I also love it because it's like a talk show, a skit comedy show, and a stand up all in one. When watching anything made by Amy Schumer, you must a have some knowledge of her comedy. Not every can get it. I not saying you must be a super genius, but when watching it with my mom, she couldn't understand some jokes. To sum this all up, Inside Amy Schumer is a laugh out loud, super witty, brain buster comedy that many will enjoy. I really enjoyed Mostly Sex Stuff, and now once again, I'm impressed.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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Good, but not better than the first, 13 May 2013

When they made the first Iron Man, i was like "Man! They have to make more." Then they made Iron Man 2. It wasn't a bad movie it was just not up to (or close to) the first movie's standards. Well my friends, the third was not as good as Iron Man (1), but it was up there. I feel like Iron Man 3 is at least the second best in the trilogy. As far as making the film goes,(not gonna spoil anything) look out for all the foreshadowing. You will also be hit with a little comedy. Kind of like all the Iron Man movies. There isn't much I can say about Iron Man 3. I did like the action sense of the movie. I did contain a lot of action and it did live up to it's title of being an action movie. Also like the first one. Throughout all the Iron Man films, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark was always my favorite actor. I cannot say the same for 3. Gwendolyn Paltron's Pepper Pots was mine in this one. She acted very well. Overall, Iron Man 3 was a good movie that is most definitely a movie worth watching. However, it still can't beat the first.

Glory Road (2006)
Not Good....Great!!!, 18 April 2013

Glory Road has to be one of the best movies I've seen in my life. I would easily rank in my top 20, perhaps like #17. I like the movie because it was simple but still had you on the edge of your seat the whole time. You would always wonder "whats gonna happen" or "Oh my, whats next". It was time appropriate. It took place in Southern 1960's and that is exactly how they played it. Almost every time you thought, something that is suppose to happen, will happen, it turned out be just the opposite. It wasn't like those typical sports dark horse movies at all. If you know what I mean. It stands out from those movies because it filled with irony. Glory Road is filled with ironic parts. Some you will get right away. And some you might have to think about for awhile. Derek Luke did a great job playing Bobby Joe Hill. For a second, I actually thought he was a basketball player. Josh Lucas also did a fantastic job playing Don Haskins. He had character and played his role with emotion. Hard to find actors like that anymore. Overall, Glory Road turned out to be a suspenseful, emotional, unpredictable movie that I really enjoyed and wouldn't mind seeing again.

Skyfall (2012)
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50 Years, but Still never gets old., 17 March 2013

I am not a huge James Bond person, in fact I've only seen a few Bond movies. However, I must say they are a work of art. The characters and storyline must have required a lot of thought. Huge movie legacies like this or The Godfather never gets old or played out. And as I said before, Skyfall is a work of art. Unfortunaly, I cannot say that about many movies. Honestly, very few films deserve the honor (in my opinion) of being call "art". The thing that made Skyfall good was not the action or the suspense, although that was good as well. It was the simple fact that it keep the 50 year old name of James Bond alive. You didn't see all those unnecessary changes and mix ups, like some directors like to do. That I think made this move a good one to watch.

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Priceless, 21 February 2013

I could not stop laughing after I saw this show. I was just flipping channels on day on TV. I stopped at Comedy Central when I saw this beautiful woman on the screen. I watched it for a few minutes, then I couldn't stop watching it. That's how good this was. Amy Schumer is insanely funny. I understood everything she said. Me and my step-dad watched her show on Comedy Central. It was the uncensored version. We were so happy when it came off of commercial break, and so angry when it went on commercial break. My mom complained about the noise we were making. "I'm sorry mom, this is just too funny." is what I told her. Amy Schumer is very witty, and clever. Everything she says makes perfect sense. I love her. Great Job.

P.S: Did I mention she was beautiful?

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I Liked it., 21 February 2013

I am a very fair judge of movies. I don't just say I like it or hate it out of bias. But I must say, Ghost Protocal was a pretty good movie. It is enjoyable for anyone over the age of 13. It had a little bit of everything in it. That is what I like to see in a movie. If it is an action movie, I want to see more that just action. Can I see a little comedy, and drama in it as well? This is kind of how Ghost Protocal went. Not going to give anything away, but it had some great scenes in the movie. It's not really a "Must Watch" movie, but if you ever find yourself bored, give a try. Whoever did the cast was good. The actors did a fantastic job and actually fit the part. I can't always say that for some movies. Well done.

Alex Cross (2012)
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It's "Watchable", 14 February 2013

Alex Cross wasn't a action packed, edge of your seat type of movie. I do believe that was what it was supposed to be. The movie is what I would call "watchable". That means you can watch it from start to finish, without trying to poke your eyes out afterwards. It was a decent movie. Let me just say, it was better that anything else I've seen Tyler Perry in. The acting was okay.But let be real people...there was no Bruce Willis, or Selvester Stallone in it. If so, Alex Cross would get much higher than a "6" rating from me. I'm not going to say it was my favorite movie, I'm not going to say it was my most hated movie. Now it is not something I would constantly spend money on, like Star Wars. But, decent enough to watch.

P.s: Cicely Tyson needs to fire her agent fast. She is too good for this.

Don't waste your time.... It is not worth it., 3 November 2012

You know, Tyler Perry is a excellent business man. He is an okay play writer. However, he falls short when it comes to movies. My step-dad and I say that all the time. I saw Madea's Witness Protection yesterday with my grandmother for like a little movie night at our church. Let me be the first to say if no one has already... It was very boring and predictable. Now, it had some funny moments in the movie. Im not going to spoil anything, but it will make you laugh every once in a while. But please... do not spend your hard earned money to rent this movie!!! The little laughter you will have is not even worth a dollar from the red box. The story was dry and very mediocre.