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I wont spoil it for you!!, 29 October 2012

I am unsure like most of the reviews on here how this movie is getting such bad reviews! After waiting 6 years for this movie to come out I was not disappointed. The movie stayed very true to the game itself and the girl who played Heather looked amazingly similar to the character in the game. I felt the acting was real and believable aside from the fact that she hardly seemed scared at all where as I would have been peeing myself! Even if you have never played the games before the movie is still a solid 6 or 7 out of 10 but the way it stayed true to the story I was looking forward to seeing unfold was just awesome. Honestly I think the reason that it did so badly was because I had no idea the movie was even coming out because I never seen a preview on TV or in the theatres, and the movie opened on the weekend that everyone is out celebrating Halloween. Lets face it... Video Game fans most definitely take advantage of the Halloween holiday! I think you should see the movie and decide for yourself. It definitely could have been longer because it did feel a tiny bit rushed but I loved it and I really hope that we get another installation to this film! I am SOOO over Resident Evil...