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So Fine,
My Man,
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I don't care about the critics...this is MY list, what I want back!
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the styles, music, life was not as fun
as from the 60s-80s.

But they had some GREAT flicks in the 1990s!
I was born 1990, here's my generation xoxo
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I gave a list of my bad vibes women
who are considered beautiful,

female celebrities I think who are truly beautiful
inside and out; (inside = not guts and liver,
there personality, character, talent)

Thanks for looking xoxo
PS>> I have more to add...
like all of my lists, and like you do for your's. :)
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Handsome famous men that I used to like-like, and now they're a disappointment and I don't find them attractive anymore! :(

All I can think of right now :P
thanks for looking <3
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TV shows I watch on television, new or reruns!
OR TV shows my mother got us
over the years on DVD.

Some are classics, some are not aired yet, some
I have all, TV, DVD...more.

I know it's not the best for us, but I LOVE
watching/listening movies, television and music =)
xoxo These are my favorites, not I like-a-little-bit-
so-I'll-settle. :P
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Disco is dead and welcomes the Rockin' 1980s <3

My favorites, enjoy IMDb viewers :P

EDIT-- if you look I have two Fletch movies listed!
They are thinking of making a prequel.
And if we weren't already disgusted with Affleck
being the new Batman, they're thinking either
Affleck or Jason Lee to play the younger Fletch!
NO! I doubt it, but they need to see this.
Chevy Chase should either do another sequel or
have another talented, funny (has to be funny) to
play Chevy Chase's Fletch! Right? xoxo Thanks for listening
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I have comments blocked because there are
cyberbully cowards who like to leave harassing comments.
They think they know someone just because
they have different opinions.
I am proud of my lists, I do them for fun and
share my opinions. Some other people
like to think they share their's, but only
to harass and judge. To those, good luck in life,
sad that you waste your life complaining about
someone you don't even know. LOL LOL

xoxo Charlotte
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xoxo Charlotte

I also like to include Garth Brooks Live in Las Vegas 2013 on CBS special.

2013 will not be known for it's movies. Ugh
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xoxo Charlotte, thanks for checking out my list.
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Real and Fictional couples of my favorites!
I'm never done adding or subtracting to any of my lists!

*There are no IMDb pictures of them, but
I want to include Clare and Eli from Degrassi.
*Also no Daniel and Jennifer from Days of our Lives,
I wanted to include them on this list too.

Thank ya
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Roaring Twenties>>Mostly 1930s favorites <3

might not be a full list, plus
probably not a whole lot of editing:
adding or subtracting to this list =P
Thank Ya xoxo
*I HAVE LISTS FROM 1915 - 2010s
a list of 90 titles
The ten years of 2000s, not
literally 2000 flicks! Lol

xoxo Enjoy
a list of 64 titles
...or retire. All I can think of right now :)
a list of 129 titles
My opinion, thank ya :P :)
there would be more than this
because of sequels but I just kept one
I didn't like and let you know if I didn't like the rest too.
This list I have seen the movies and then they become
the worst. :P
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Movies I haven't seen and I don't think I will.
I can already see in the future of what I'll tell myself,
"I wish I didn't watch this movie, it's awful!!"
So I waste my time making this list instead of watching
these horrible movies. LOL.
Thanks for checking out my list(s)
xoxo Charlotte
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TV & Movies bromance Images...

If I think of more, I'll add, thanks xoxo Charlotte
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Male actors who have worn dresses (drag).
They are not Drag Queens alone, I mean regular
actors who have done drag in their movies or TV roles.

xoxo Charlotte
(not in pictures but probably any male who's been on SNL)
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Christian & Christian Related motion pictures <3
God Bless and thanks for checking out my lists.
Doesn't mean I liked all of these movies,
some I actually am in between of liking and not.
xoxo Charlotte
Only movies that I have seen, surely there are more.

I would have included The Da Vinci Code but
I do not agree or like anything about that movie.
It's on my Worst Motion Pictures Ever list. It
doesn't belong on this list, it switches it up for fiction.
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Not a Pixar movie in production,
just another movie idea from me
that I'd like to see Pixar do.
"The Flood" is the fictional title. :)

It's Noah's Ark from the Holy Bible story.
But from the animals version while on the ark.
You know how we have Toy Story? :)
-Also fun to make up animals/creatures before the flood, using imagination of what could have existed before the flood.
-And I want funny people doing voices (genuine funny not sarcastic, ugly funny), Pixar is
animation, stories, characters, comedy and heartfelt.
-I know they have Ice Age, but this could be
another fun project for Pixar and us viewers.
Have the fictional part be creative of what we don't
know from the Holy Bible, but leave the facts from the
Holy Bible as well, of course. :)
-I didn't mean to get so many people from SNL

Thanks always for checking out my lists. xoxo Charlotte
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All because of their personality, (their actions speak louder than words), the way they show themselves and act; to me, they are not beautiful.

Charlotte xoxo

PS>> as any list I have, I am sure there are more
to post but I cannot think of any right now, thank you,
all my lists (like this one) are only my opinion <3

I hope Amanda Bynes will get better and find
her right treatment and live happy! <3
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Celebrities that have touched us, xoxo, that have passed away at a young age. They didn't have a chance to show more to the world what they could have created.
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celebrities that have retired,
that I would like to see have a big come back.
xoxo Charlotte
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"And the Hits Just Keep on Coming" To the Seventies!

Hits: Hips, Hippies, Hippies = '70s
Lol Lol, bad joke...
a list of 22 images
The characters, not the actors alone.
I certainly am adding more, just cannot think of much right now.

xoxo thanks
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Oscar Best Picture Award that were picked wrong. xoxo
a list of 11 titles
Only one actor or actress, maybe two in a movie cast.
Thanks for checking out my lists, I think it's fun to make,
if you check them out, Lol, xoxo Charlotte
*I don't know if there are anymore, I would like
to add more, would anyone know what else I am missing?
Comments Open :)
*I guess Apollo 13 doesn't count.
*And including a few episodes of The Walking Dead.
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JAMES BOND film next after the next after the next. Lol

No main title.
*Includes: 3 choices for Bond.
*I think it be cool if they had 2 villains, but not in one film. *Leading ladies I'd like to see (that I actually like).
xoxo Thank you Charlotte
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My Batman cast, I cannot think of a movie title. All I came up with was Bats, Bat Man, The Batman, Minuteman, Justice League (but if we call it Justice League you would have to have more heroes than just Batman). I have many villains, gentlemen who can play Bruce Wayne and more. PS> I want my Batman movie to have the same kind of creativity, art, setting, it all like Tim Burton's directing than Christopher Nolan's.
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NANCY Kerrigan & TONYA Harding

bio-drama, ice skating-sport motion picture.
my cast choices, xoxo Charlotte

"The Price of Gold" is the made up title.
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*NOT ANOTHER REBOOT>> I am so sick of remakes. I know The Mummy (1999) is a remake. But it's probably my only favorite remake, Lol. But not another reboot, Hollywood! =/
*"The Mummy's Hand" is the movie title.

I mean who are you going to put in it? Who's directing? The story? If so another reboot, then NO cameos from 1999 cast! xoxo

PS>> I know The Mummy 3 was TERRIBLE! But
hopefully this one will be much, much thrilling, funny,
adventuress and romantic.
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"Scream 5" is the movie title.
Scream franchise.

*Cannot have any actors or actresses that are famous, but popular and talented.
*You don't want them to out shine the main cast members of the Scream franchise.
*Thank Ya, Charlotte xoxo
*Gotta have one fat girl, and you've already had a couple
black actors, now it's one Asian dude.
*Concludes: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette
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Bring back Tommy Lee Jones from The Fugitive.
xoxo Charlotte

"The Wanted" is the made up title, but not my favorite.
*start with original cast...then adds on
2 replacements for original cast members.
*I think you should put 2 fugitives into 1,
but I'm giving you handfuls of my fugitive actors too.
PS> It's about time they have a female fugitive!
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My cast members for Miranda's next Medium adventure.

*Sorry, only 5 People.
*"Not Alone" is the title! :)
*I understand the "not alone" in Gothika
meant there were two criminals. But
Miranda has a Medium gift now, she's never alone now.
*Thanks for checking out my lists, Charlotte.
Hope you like.
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Miss Jane Marple,
cheesy title "Murder, She Tweeted".

Miss Marple is a firey, nosy, witty, charming and smart little woman.
My cast of the new Murder, She Said cast.
Hope you like xoxo Charlotte

Not just with other people's opinions or
in this case, IMDb lists you have to have
an open mind. With life you've got to have
an open mind - imagination.
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"Expendables: The Roar Project" is the made up title.
You know? "we are women, hear us roar!" term.
Also>> You're probably thinking of
Scarlett Johanson, Jessica Alba, Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Sharon Stone, Brigitte Nielsen, Rose McGowan, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, Gemma Arterton...NOT in my movie.

You can't just have cute & favorite women of yours
in an Expendables movie. You have to pick
the ones who've done action-action flicks,
& done an excellent job.
Have you seen The Expendables?
Lol xoxo Charlotte
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One of my favorite TV shows is Are You Being Served?
a British sitcom. Way before my time,
but really cool they played the reruns here in US on PBS. xoxo
So I thought maybe they'll do a US version of the 'Britcom'.
Not many people on this list.

Thanks Always for checking out my lists. I don't mean for that to come across arrogant, meaning I have millions of viewers, because I do not, Lol Lol. I'm just grateful that you check my lists out. Hope you enjoy them, I have fun making them.
And also checking out other people's lists.
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ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (1985) Third Sequel.
"Anne the Grandmother" is the title of the movie.
circa 1940s.
I'd like to see one more Anne Shirley TV movie.
xoxo Charlotte, thanks for checking out my lists.

Sorry there are not many people.
I will think of more later on.... thanks again.

I'd like to bring back Jack Garrison AKA Cameron Daddo,
but he died in Anne the Continuing Story.
The TV films had Canadian actors, so I'm thinking
who else from Canada do I like to put in this movie.
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"Love, Cobain" is the title, of a non-progress movie,
it's not a movie out there just an idea I put together,
like the rest I've done.

The title could go both ways,
1. could mean at the end of a letter,
instead of "sincerely" it's "love".
2. and both names, Courtney and Kurt's. Not a fan of both, but it could be an interesting story with lessons that others could learn from.

Not very many people on this list. Sorry.
xoxo Charlotte
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Movies are never safe, some, most get remade or rebooted. Even directors remake their own movies. :) hope you like, I'm sure I've missed one or two directors etc etc.. I'll add if I think or find more. Thanks xoxo
a list of 27 titles
The 1960s <3333

>>all of my favorites :)