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Here's a list of movies that send off just the right vibe of confidence and figuring life out. No particular order and no Top 10's this time.
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Oh man, do these guys and gals ever rustle my jimmies.. In a good way! Here's a short list of my favorite film directors, from comedy to drama and beyond!
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Ok, so I've done the ladies. That's what he said! So here are my top 10 favorite male comedians of all time. There are more of course, Steve Martin, Steve Zahn.. lots of Steves, but these are the guys who make me laugh every time. Make me laugh & I'm yours!
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Here they are, the men that light up the screen as soon as they appear.
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Here they are, my top movies of all time in no particular order.
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The genre of the Chick Flick is a strange one indeed. There should be a male equivalent, sure to include every Rambo, Terminator, and Clint Eastwood movie there is. These are my shameless chick picks when I'm feeling low or just have a few hours alone on a lazy afternoon! No guilt ladies!
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Ok, so some TV and film characters just BLOW me away. Whether it's the acting or the writing, these guys, gals, and.. creatures make me laugh or melt my heart and will forever be endeared to my heart. No funny stuff.
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Here's my current go-to list of TV Sitcoms that keep me laughing no matter how many times I head back to the Season 1 Pilot. Thank you NBC for being the Laugh Network!
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Here's a list I've been compiling for a while; my top 10 favorite comedy ladies of all time! Yes, Tina Fey is here. Enjoy!
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A lot of crossovers from my Ladies of Comedy, but a few icons of film like Meryl Streep; these are the women who help shape my outlook on life. Do they inspire you too?
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I'm a child of the 90's, and since it's that time of the year again, I wanted to make a list of all the must-see Halloween movies from my childhood, almost all released in the 1990's! From Casper to Hocus Pocus, these are the re-watch-every-year movies for Halloween in no particular order! IT'S MARATHON TIME!