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Boring., 25 October 2012

I'm easily entertained. My ability for suspension of disbelief is usually good. I'm an open-minded viewer, and tend to find many excuses for bad choices made by the production/director/actors/writers. It's not easy to make a perfect show. But in Once Upon A Time's case, it seems they didn't even TRY to make it good. As a fan of fantasy, myths, legends, I really really wanted to like it, but the cheesiness was unbearable.

CONS: Dialogues, directing: a good compilation of clichés, if you're into that.

Story: soap opera meets fairy tales.

Characters: either flat or irritating, or both.

Acting: extreme sadness, despair, fear, inner conflict are indicated by raised eyebrows and watery eyes. Doubt, anger, medium sadness, worry, by a frown. Giancarlo Esposito's character seems to be the only one with actual thoughts and emotions.

PROS: Ruby is agreeable to look at.

If you enjoyed Van Helsing, The Brothers Grimm, even Jim Henson's Storyteller or Shrek, you'll be very disappointed. OUAT could be compared to the 10th Kingdom, without the funny moments.

If you're looking for a mix of old-school Disney and the Bold and the Beautiful, this is for you.