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surprisingly witty, 14 August 2007

When I first saw the commercial for this show, I had the worst hopes for it. The commercials ABC Family put out only displayed the poop and fart jokes in the show, which there are not many of when you get to watch an entire episode. Unlike Family Guy, this show has actual wit and humor, with the addition of some fart jokes. That I didn't even mind, because the humor lasted throughout the length of the episode, not in the first two minutes and then resorted to childish poopy in the potty jokes. Although there were some disturbing aspects of the show, I won't hold that against them because it is very rare that a show can both make you laugh and keep you excited for the next episode to come.

Fear X (2003)
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red hallways and dark corridors alone do not a thriller make, 24 September 2006

Red hallways and dark corridors. This is all this "thriller" has to offer. And it's not even scary. It doesn't even change your idea of the movie for a second. Bottom line: Fear X is the worst, most boring film I have seen in my life.

It tries to tell the story of a man whose wife was notoriously murdered. He looks at the surveillance tape showing her death, he has senseless visions, he even sneaks into the house across the street and searches in there too. Well, at the beginning of the film, it creates the idea that he is really determined to find his wife's killer, but he doesn't look hard enough. Fear X is one of those movies that you can easily fall asleep during, and you can wake up and still follow the story perfectly. Most of the scenes last way too long, without those awkward silences packed in there, this failure of a film would be about 50 minutes long. I must say that I'm surprised that I got through the whole thing. I fell asleep halfway for only ten minutes, but I didn't miss anything. And I know. The movie starts out as a thriller and ends as a huge mess unfolding before your slowly imploding eyes. If you want to see the movie, rent it. Don't buy it. It's definitely not worth it.

"Saved" (2006)
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next to 4400, this is my favorite summer show, 9 July 2006

"Saved" in one word is art. Let's see, why can't we have a medical drama that doesn't take place in the hospital? Oh, I got it! Let's put a couple dudes into an ambulance and put it on right after the world's most watched show so people will change the channel at 9:59 and watch HGTV for the rest of the night! Frankly, I knew this show was going to be bagged on from the start. You know why? Because it's entertaining and The Closer isn't. I for one certainly hope they keep this one because it is not to be missed. And for all you folks that are home watching Closer and turn the TV off when it ends, just give this show a chance. It is not a ripoff of that distasteful sex crap you call Rescue Me.

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very, very amazing and thought-provoking movie, 9 June 2006

I just watched this movie alone, meaning no one else was in the house. I had read a lot about this movie, expecting a lot from it. I really don't know what I'd expected. Did I expect it to be scary? There were some creepy parts. Did I expect it to be boring? It was all talking, but the conversations were just so intriguing. Did I expect it to be a thriller? It wasn't a thriller, just an excellent motion picture based on revealing the meaning of life. I feel it accomplished that very well.

Waking Life makes you wonder about thousands of things. Is life actually a vivid dream we are just pawns walking around in? Did all of the people we learn about each and every day really exist? What is history? What is sight? What is smell? What is sound? Do we even have memories or are they just fantasized stories that we create? Is every minute that passes still reoccurring in the past? We could all be adults right now but in another universe we could still be present in our mother's womb. Waking Life does not answer all of these questions, my friends, but it does give you an idea of what actually happens when you close your eyes at night.

"The 4400" (2004)
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amazing TV series, 3 June 2006

The 4400 is easily one of the best sci-fi shows on television. Every episode builds up suspense almost as cleverly as 24. You form a bond with all of the characters as the series progresses and it leaves you on the edge of your seat, wanting so much more. I honestly must say I can't wait for next season. Any of these absent-minded posters who give this show a bad rating should be ignored.

Each episode features another 4400 that has interesting abilities from the future and usually their powers have a repercussion, and Tom Baldwin and his team at NTAC try everything they can to bring the 4400 to justice or help them balance their powers.

The 4400 is a winner, and you will not be disappointed if you watch it. Rating: 10/10

"Freddie" (2005)
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frankly, I liked him much more in Scooby-Doo, 7 January 2006

The main point of this review: The show never changes. It's all about girls and parties every single antagonizing episode. I could relate this to Everybody Hates Chris (which I also reviewed) but the shows are nothing like each other, even though they're both horrible and should not have been picked up for full seasons. I can't see why they didn't cancel this show already. The humor is offbeat and the show is a complete waste of half an hour. Many probably will not agree with me but I rest my case. And I don't necessarily mean the summary I wrote, just in case you were wondering. Freddie Prinze, Jr. just isn't funny and his dumb friend doesn't support the show anymore than he does.

Cursed (2005)
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seeing 2 suckish movies of Wes Craven's is enough for me, 11 August 2005

In my summary, I said that there were two suckish movies of Wes Craven's that I saw. Well, one of them is this failure of a movie, and the other is copying something from the past, and that movie is Dracula 2000. Dracula is old-school, werewolves are old-school, and putting them into movies that aren't even thrilling or scary just doesn't cut it. For one thing, in Cursed, there is no reason for the homosexual references. Without a doubt, it must be more revealing in the Unrated version of the film. And the werewolves don't look real or convincing. I don't even know why people keep making movies of stuff that is way out of style. If you want to see a good thriller, see one with an original plot and a good twist at the end.

Dragonfly (2002)
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keeps you wondering, 29 July 2005

This movie has got it all. Thrills, chills, and questionable scenes that keep you begging for more. In a good thriller, there's a theme that takes off in the beginning and keeps giving you clues until you think you've figured out the whole story. Then, something else happens and changes around your whole idea of the movie. This movie has a great actor, a great plot line, and a great ending. This is a movie that you'll definitely give a two-thumbs-way-up.

Many can probably relate to this supernatural thriller and realize that it is not only scary, but it has a heart built into it. 10/10*. When someone dies...are they really gone forever?

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Christopher Walken ruined it, 28 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**SPOILERS** While all the cool explosions and action scenes are happening in this movie, the camera shows a close-up of this guy's face and he makes an unfunny joke like, "That's a lot of cows" or "Boom, Boom, Boom." This is supposed to be an action adventure flick and with Christopher Walken speaking with such boring poetry that sounds like it came from the 1700's, this movie really starts to tank after a while. I'm saying honestly and openly that Christopher Walken does not belong in this movie and the movie is not exactly The Rock's big break. I'm not trying to forbid you from seeing this picture, because all the scenes without Walken are all right. I hope Rock stars in better movies than this and isn't teamed up with Walken again, cause it won't work.

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an excellent comedic Disney movie coming from a great show!, 23 July 2005

Even Stevens is a show that cracks me up and always keeps me begging for more. And finally, they come up with an idea for the movie to follow the series. This is a great movie that I would say all kids should be permitted to watch. The movie is about the Stevens taking a vacation on the deserted island of Menehune (or something like that) and they end up getting tricked by a show host who sneaks cameras in the bushes of the island and passes off what he films as a reality show. This is not a five-star movie from Disney, but it sure is a funny one. I hope Disney makes more comedies like this, and I can see they already have.

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