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A list of every screenwriter I know by name because of watching movies. I don´t know them in person nor I´ve read their work so far. No order & no differences between the ones I like or dislike because of the movies they´ve worked on.
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This list is only of second parts & every movie here is a darn good stand alone one while I dislike the original.
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A list of screenwriters that´ve got my attention with, at least, 2 good or excelent films of their authorship that I´ve seen so far. Most of them don´t have more than 5 "films" in in their filmography or they´re very prolific but most of their films are extremely bad.

In each one´s description I put the films that I like from them.

I want to be clear: Haven´t read the actual scripts of this guys, they are here by the movies so maybe if I get to read a script from them I change my mind.
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Characters that are just determined to reach thier goals. Each is an unstoppable force to some extent but also they´re good people with some cuirious ethics.
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I LOVE screenwriting. I think it´s the essence to a good film because is most likely that within the screenplay the story & the magic of characters, emotions & creativity gets created.

I´m not saying screenwriters are the only thing important to a film´s quality; I do think actors, directors, composers, dps & everybody else who works in the making of a film can make it great or even with a bad screenplay the movie can be awesome...

What I´m saying is that I think all of them (everyone who isn´t involved with the screenwriting) try their best to enhance & improve over the story to make the magic of storytelling come true but for them to do that there´s got to be some starting point... and what better place to look for that starting point that in the screenplays or more predictable the screenwriters.

I also make this list because they´re not really recognized by they work; I mean, to the general public what is more known are actors & actresses, then directors, after that probably composers & producers or their companies... screenwriters are so ignored that is actually rare to see some that´ve worked in more than 5 movies & that keep writing more to be produced. Most movies have one screenwriter that never writes another screenplay... or at least not one that gets turn in a movie.
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Movies I LOVE to this day. The first time I saw them I knew nothing about them, just the title, & without any warning I walked into the screening or pushed play the dvd to encounter the magic of a theather experience.
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A list of the directors that had made at least 2 great films. Every director on the list is going to have in each description a list of those movies. Since I haven´t seen every movie they have done in their lives (I hope) the list will be update with the missing Good-Movies after watching them. By the way, since this list its based on my personal opinion every director have in their description the movies that I have seen but that I hate.
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Movies that have scenes in more than 5 different locations within a city like: streets, alleways, skycrappers, offices, blvd, parking lots, nightclubs, dinners, parks, rooftops, hospitals, schools, the subway, etc. Movies with ext & int locations. Also they need to have day-time & night-time scenes.

Movies that avoid spend too much time in residential areas, houses or the countryside. Also NO-light hearted movies like comedies, romances or any of those that uses aereal shots of a city just for estetics. The story takes place during a few days and shows part of the everyday routine of the protagonist & if not part of their job a bit of the laboral life.
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Comedy seems to be a womb for:

-AWESOME ideas & plots full of complexity & hilarity
-A ton of sitcom & emotional potential
-Really clever ways to set up gripping storylines while showing a thin line between pretend & reality, fun & chaos, fortune & misfortune & many other dualities
-Character driven stories where everyone of those(main or secundary)have layers upon layers of backstory, issues, & very distinctive personalities
-Great depth in the content of the story -Really strong dramatic underlines This list tries to honor those concept that are gestated in comedies.

However, not all these creative & complex-storytelling "pregnancies" end well, actually there´re many miscarriages & abortions.
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A list of sci-fi movies that, in my honest & personal opinion, have the best ideas of the genre, a huge potential with every concept, really creative elements, & an amazing execution.

Only counts movies that I really, really like or love overall. None of "great idea, bad execution". Most of them have the sci-fi element all thoughout which is very detailed in many ways.

Not all of them are hardcore sci fi movies, some might have just a little bit of it but since they blow me away with that tiny amount they deserve to be here.

I don´t count movies that, even though many would consider them sci-fi, are so far from scientific speculation that are fantansy or that the sci-fi is just a gimmick for the movie like in the action genre or just for dramatic purposes.

I´m saying that some movies are actually just merely dramas, thriller or action with a lame excuse of "sci-fi" when most of the time it´s just fantasy or a plot devise to create conflict that desapears & never again gets mention.

Now, the sci-fi concepts have to keep up with the plot, they can´t be left out without any futher mention in the rest of the movie... because of that I left some movies that while great seem to forget their own ideas.
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If you want to avoid the pain of watching a pointless movie where every character dies this would help you out; now if you like those type of movies then this will also help you out.

A list of horror movies that have NO survirvors when the end credits roll. The protagonists, good guys or just the characters that the story focuses on... everyone of them dies. If the killer(s) is(are) the ones(s) that survives doesn´t count.

I´m only counting movies where is clear that the characters have no pulse & those where when the screen goes black there´s no doubt that the characters were about to die.

Don´t count movies where the characters die off-screen, I mean, if a sequel says the characters from the previous movie are dead but we didn´t see them dying on camera then it doesn´t count.

Finally if the characters face an inminent death without any possibility to escape it but that we don´t see happening it counts... but if the characters even facing the danger of dying have the possibily to overcome it & so stay alive then the movie doesn´t count.

No order of course. Please help me if you can. If you see a title that is wrong please comment about the survivor or survivors; and if you know of a movie that is missing please tell me so I can put it in.
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The greatest episodes of this personal favorite tv show. Good script and great characters, mainly the episodes with the best plot or character´s development even both things.
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The best movie of each castmember of this sequel. It should be only action-movies but there´re some exceptions like sci-fi or supernatural action or just the best movie the actor has untill now no matter if it ain´t an action movie. It counts only if the actor is the lead (main character) of the movie.
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This list is of all the actors that surprised me in the first place with their performances in awesome movies that I love but then they started to participate in horrible movies that I really really dislike. Basically I see all their potential wasted. They´re mosly comedians due the bad situation of comedies this days wich is that almost the entire genre is just disgusting. The other part are just actors that got famous by a few very commercial movies they acted in, in this cases I like them both (the actor & the movie) but since they separated from that movie genre & they enter in their "own" style I found all their work really disappointing and it just make me sick. I also have listed actors that even that they are on Suicide Watch I still have faith in them wich I´ll never lose because they are like my favourite actors of all times... of course they´re in this list because I want them to recover and star to make great movies again.
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Masterpieces that were made by directors, actors or screenwritters that just make really bad movies and with filmographies that I just don´t like
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Not in Order. Movies with a great Plot Twist at the end that change the whole perspective about some or all the characters, the tone of the story or the opinon about it, that are surprising in a good way, that make full sense with certain clues and details all along with the rest of the movie. Also the movies that have been saved by the twist and the ones that have gone better with it. Obviously ´this list it´s based on my personal opinion so it´s not a fact and I don´t have the intention to offend people that like other twist ending movies that aren´t included here because i haven´t see them or mostly I don´t think they are good twist endings.
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Yeah, all the movies in this list I´ve seen & think they are good movies. All of them pass the score of 40 out of 50 in the Parent´s Guide due to the amount of Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking and Frightening/Intense Scenes. I post the rating in every title of the list, not in order obviously.
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Relationships between 2 characters where one of them treat the other like shit but still it looks like a really strong friendship. Mostly is between bad guy.
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A list of the best scores from movies and tv shows. Some movies and shows aren´t good at all, sometimes its just the score the only thing worth it. This are only the ones that I´ve listen to it carefully, maybe there are a whole bunch of others great scores that I would love but till now I haven´t listen so they are not here. However, I hope that with this list I organize myself and list the composer that I like.
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The best movies of action-horror genre