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Pretty straight forward I am making this list and ranking each episode of Samurai Jack from best to worst in my opinion because I can't just make a top 10 list there are too many great episodes! Hope you like it :D

Also once the last season of episodes premieres in 2017 I may have to do some episode re-ordering in terms of ranking best to worst episodes ;)

*UPDATE* Once Season 5 ends I will be adding the episodes to this list still debating whether to place them separately on the list or treat it as one entire entry since it is a mini series. I will keep you posted :3
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Ever have one of those nights where you have gathered the family up you got your wife/husband and your kids but you are worried that the film selection will be something you can't enjoy too. Well fear not! Because this is a list of films that in my opinion can be enjoyed just as much by adults as they can be for kids. Now of course if you think that your children can handle certain themes in these films or are not the right age; then please be sure to look up some information about said film you want to select and do a bit of research so it is all clear in your book :D So hopefully this will be a helpful list when planning out family movie night and thank you for your time and support :)
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Just some TV shows I have watched in entirety or at least the majority that I can recommend to others :) hopefully you see some of your favorites and maybe check out a few unknown ones :D
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Just my personal list of what people should see. However, I want to try and bring to light underrated films that tend to slip by us. Thank you and if you don't see some of your personal favorites then ask me about it or recommend them. But, I can't put it on the list if I haven't seen it or don't think it is one I'd recommend. I hope you like it!