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Prisoners (2013)
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Go see it! Go see it! Superb thriller., 29 September 2013

If you liked "Mystic River" or "Gone Baby Gone", GO SEE THIS FILM! It was one of the most intense, suspenseful, moving, frightening films I've ever seen (and I'm a 53 year old film buff.) "Prisoners" is not a horror story; not a murder-mystery; but a sort of "kidnapped" thriller genre. It's exquisitely told without modern-day-film tricks like shaky cameras; without an actor saying "the F word" in every other sentence; without a dub-step sound track; and without gratuitous frights or even unnecessary action or car chases. It's a story of a horrible kidnapping and those who are affected. It's told with such compassion and believability. The characters make excruciating choices --choices that make you shake your head in stunned wonder. And the cast! Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Maria Bello, Viola Davis, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo, and Paul Dano! How much acting chops can one get on a movie set? And the screenplay is superb. I was on the EDGE OF MY SEAT for the entire film. I am simply blown away by this film --blown away. It's a 10 out of 10.

Go see it on the big screen so you'll know why it's nominated for many awards in a few months.

Congratulations to all involved in the making of "Prisoners" for a fine, classic film that will haunt your audience and make us very thoughtful for quite a while.

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Gosling, Gosling, Gosling - heartbreaking, 15 April 2013

What can one say about Ryan Gosling's performance in this film? There are just no words -- but I'll try. He is so emotive, so heart-wrenching, and yet as tough as steel. Overall, I was disappointed in the movie as I felt the last half was way, way too slow (my date actually said as the credits rolled "MAN that was a long, long movie!")

I believe, however, the first half of the film was fantastic and I was completely engrossed.

I do NOT like this director's constant extreme close-ups and shaky camera/erratic camera methods.

Eva Mendez was also more beautiful than ever and she really showed her fine acting skills, too, I felt.

Because the film was so slow towards the second half, it's hard for me to give this a strong recommendation -- however, if you're a Ryan Gosling fan, I'd say it's well worth the 2-1/2 hours to enjoy him. Thank you, thank you Ryan for giving it your all.

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Everything a movie should be....., 12 January 2013

We laughed our heads off; we got teary-eyed; we held our collective breath(s); we beamed with happiness and pride; we were stunned with surprise a few times, too. These characters are LIKABLE -- a little unpredictable -- but still WONDERFUL. The story was mesmerizing, well-paced, and COMPLETE.

Robert DeNiro was, as always, brilliant. Simply brilliant.

This film is a breath of fresh air in all ways. Although deeply troubled and confused, Bradley Cooper is absolutely lovable here. One just can't help but pull for everyone in this story.

I DO hope this film does well at the Academy Awards. Many of the other films nominated are overly artsy, pretentious, lack story-telling talent, and are DULL. Not this movie! Go see it on the big screen --you will love it.

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I agree with the review titled "Criminally Underrated Belushi Film", 17 July 2012

If you think you're a John Belushi fan but you've never seen this movie, then I feel for you! You have no idea what you've missed. John Belushi was never more touching, poignant, witty, or incredibly COMEDIC than in this film. His timing and his tone was dead on. I just couldn't have adored this movie any more. I've seen it over and over again (and I look forward to seeing it again!) There are TONS of quotable laugh-lines in this movie. About every fifth line is a classic, in my opinion. Where were the critics' rave reviews when this film came out? What were they thinking? This is about as wonderful as a romantic comedy can get. Thanks, thanks, thanks to all who played a part in bringing it to us. And RIP dear John Belushi. We will always miss you.

Tombstone (1993)
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One of the best ever!, 7 February 2012

I saw this on the big screen when it came out in 1993. After enjoying most every minute of this rich, colorful, and gripping movie, I just couldn't believe it wasn't getting more attention. It's one of the most quotable, fun, moving, memorable films ever. THIS is what movie-making is really about --creating and celebrating unforgettable characters in a compelling story.

And they managed to make it tense and moving with minimal cursing, sex, nudity, gore, etc. It is simply wonderful. Certainly not a family film; but tame on some levels, and I love it. I especially adored Dana Delaney in her role --she was breathtaking and fascinating. Oh, and Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday? Are there words? He SHOULD have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor by the Academy Awards for that performance. It's a crying shame he was not. To this day, it is a crying shame he was not nominated.

There were many good performances in Tombstone. Dana Wheeler-Nicholson was achingly sad and believable as the morphine-addicted Mattie. Sam Elliott was in top form. He was so calm and reserved --when he lost his temper in one scene, it was really frightening. Billy Zane, Thomas Haden Church, Billy Bob Thornton, Powers Boothe, Kurt Russell, Stephen Lang --many of the actors were simply fabulous. And WHAT a cast of actors! My gosh! If you watch it today (2011), it's amazing how many actors you recognize who were fairly unknown then.

Wonderful character development. It was so easy to get involved in the characters' stories and to pull for them. Yes, they took a few liberties with historical facts; but they brought the gunfight at the OK Corral and its back story to life in a grand, wildly enjoyable film with rich, interesting characters.

Tombstone is a "10" in my book. It always will be. Our family LOVES it and we quote it often. Thanks to everyone who took part in making such a great film for us, your audience, to enjoy again and again for years to come.

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Adorable comedy-action date movie!, 30 January 2012

No, it may not change your life or leave you guessing or analyzing, but you'll enjoy a fun night of romance and laughter! We went to an advanced screening last week in Atlanta and we just couldn't have enjoyed it any more.

Incredibly handsome and charismatic Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as the leading men; and adorable Reese Witherspoon as the girl caught between the two of them. There is lots to enjoy and admire. Not too raw, not too profane --just the right amount of naughty and nice! Perfect for a PG-13 film and great for its Valentine's Day release. Be sure to catch it on the big screen. Studies show movies are more fun and more enjoyable with a good crowd and I definitely agree. Take a friend or a date --you won't regret it! "This Means War" is VERY funny!

Contagion (2011)
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Disappointing. Not enough character development., 9 September 2011

Well, we had high hopes, but we were all disappointed when my friends and I went today to see 'Contagion'. It was certainly a very real-to-life scenario of an out of control, deadly virus in modern times. But I enjoyed "Outbreak" with Renee Russo and Dustin Hoffman better, really.

This movie was way too choppy, too unbalanced, it had WAY too many characters to keep up with and try to get to know. So, we didn't get to know any of them, and therefore, we didn't really care who lived or who died. My friends and I agreed as we were leaving; we could take it or leave it. I'd recommend waiting until it comes out on DVD.

One more note, with that incredibly brilliant stellar cast of fine actors, the filmmakers should be a bit ashamed that they came away with a film that didn't draw a single tear or stir up conversation from anyone in our audience.

Warrior (2011)
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Incredibly moving story! Great screenplay., 1 September 2011

Wow! They took what could have been a maudlin concept and made it remarkable. Our group absolutely loved it. Most of us sat there and cried our eyes out. I cried toward the end, during the end, and even AFTER the film on the way home.

If you have a brother or a sister that you love, you must see this film. And you should see it on the big screen. The score, soundtrack, filming, direction, editing.... all were integral pieces of this beautiful puzzle.

What MOVING performances by all three men --Nolte, Edgerton, and Hardy. It has a brilliant, subtle, quiet kind of screenplay, to be a film with so much action and drama. You have to keep watching and don't miss a moment, as it's totally unpredictable. And yet, it's absolutely realistic.

An incredible, moving story. Not just for men, but for women too. We absolutely loved it. I can't wait to see it again.

Some great performances here, 18 August 2011

This film isn't as useless as many of the reviewers here are writing, in my opinion. I enjoyed it, and I especially fell in love with Clancy Brown's character. He was patient, understanding, loyal, and loving.... he was SO good and believable in this role, it's the one I think of him in the most often now. I believe Clancy is more like this character than any of the others he's played.

No, they didn't explain the lead character's issues or motivations very well, but aren't many people intriguing and inexplicable in some (or many) ways? I think you can enjoy this film if you also pay special attention to the stories and characters around her. Ellen Burstyn is always a first-class actor. All of the supporting cast and characters are rich, interesting, and easy to understand. I enjoyed the movie and I'll watch it again, I'm sure, when I have an opportunity.

Clancy Brown was WONDERFUL. I wanted to marry him myself!

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Very enjoyable! Can't go wrong with these stars., 11 June 2011

Whoever said this "isn't a great film" doesn't enjoy film noir and romance nearly as much as I do. And I can also guess you've never waited up all night worrying about a husband or lover.... pacing the floor, wondering what you are doing wrong, praying he or she is not having an affair --worrying yourself in to a state of illness. I have. And many of my friends have. This movie illustrated so well the multi-dimensional facets of our human characters. I don't think there was a bad guy here --there were people trying to make their relationships work, falling in love, falling out of love, being weak, being strong, having regrets, and having hope....... being very human. I really loved it. I highly recommend it.

These actors are four of the finest of their day, and with good reason. Barbara Stanwyck, James Mason, Ava Gardner, and the ever-underrated Van Heflin --wow! It's set in the heart of NYC AND directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Seriously, what a recipe for success! If you get the chance, watch and enjoy "East Side, West Side". You'll be glad you did.

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