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It's fantasy!!, 5 May 2013

This show is pure historical fiction, and it's awesome. It's witty, gritty, and production design is outstanding.

The creators of the show have never said this is historically accurate in any way, so all the people talking about how historically inaccurate it is should go watch the History Channel documentaries, or something.

The people offended that Da Vinci's name is used in vain? Suck it up, welcome to 21st century entertainment. Would you have even cared to watch a show named Dominici's Demons?

I'll be waiting for the next episode whilst you research hairstyles and how tobacco was ten years too early in a scene where it made no difference at all.

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Awesome game and getting better!, 25 April 2012

This should game should not be compared to WoW. WoW has been out for YEARS, and this has been out for MONTHS. Was WoW totally awesome and bug free a few months after release? (no)

Anyway, there are eight different classes, all with different core story lines. Then there's quest lines that everyone shares. Personally I play all eight classes at once, I just play what strikes my fancy that day.

Each class graduates to an advance class at level 10, usually a choice between outright DPS, or Heal/Tank class. Each class on the Imperial side has a similar class on the Republic side, but they are different enough to not feel like carbon copies.

Bounty Hunter/Trooper- Heavy duty ranged DPS, tank or healer Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight- heavy Duty melee DPS or tank Sith Inquistor/Jedi Consular- ranged DPS, tank or healer Imperial Agent/Smuggler- ranged DPS, rogue type DPS, or heals

There is also a dark side/light side system that has nothing to do with your faction. You can have a Sith Warrior following the light side or a Dark side Jedi knight if you so choose. It's all about how you handle decisions. Let the poor hungry kids keep what they stole from the rich guy or punish them? Kill people for information, or talk them into helping you? Help someone because it's right, or because you make them pay you? Thinkgs like that.

All classes get different companions that serve different roles (healer, tank, ranged/melee, etc...) and companions you aren't using at the time can go do missions for you that get you supplies, money, etc.

There are tons of crafting opportunities. Make your own armor, weapons, modifiers for gear, med packs, equipment, speeders, ship parts etc.

Speaking of ships, you get one after you finish your first part of the storyline (around 12-16 depending on if you work on other quests as well). You travel with it, do space missions that are rails based attacks and it is also your personal "inn" to get rested XP.

A legacy system is used by all your characters on each server. No matter what faction, each character gains points to unlock handy things that benefit all characters (vender droids and mailboxes in your ship, buffs, etc.

They are always actively trying to make it better and it has come a long way in a short time. They are very open to suggestions, and even encourage them in a forum that they answer on a regular basis. They have big plans for the future.

There's a free trial out there, get it and make your own decision.

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Not or everybody..., 21 May 2009

I have read many reviews of this title and concluded that you will either love most of the skits or hate them all.

If you are not thick-skinned, not dirty-minded and are offended easily, do not watch this title. It IS very vulgar, but personally I can see through it to appreciate the sense of humor.

The skits range from multiple "Sex with ________" skits to a sheep REALLY enjoying being sheered (shorn) {watch it and you'll see what that's about} Do not let the kids watch this.

If I haven't scared you off, I also recommend watching it in 20 minute increments. All of the skits have the feel of Family Guy when they do the "That's like that one time where ____________ did _____________" flashback things. Watching that for an hour got a little tedious.

So, if you're still interested after watching this, enjoy.

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You have to know what you're watching..., 11 November 2004

It's not that bad if you realize that it is just a T&A vehicle. If you disagree, then explain to me the gratuitous bathing scenes. You have to assume she bathes in that waterhole, it doesn't need to be shown so many times... unless you are trying to show a hot blonde nekked to sell tickets.

Anyway, it's full of plot holes, but, most movies from that era are, just enjoy it for what it is. It's Donna's mom from That 70's Show showing herself a bit in a Tarzan rip-off. But, it could be worse. Frankly, I like it better than some of the Tarzan movies from that era.

And it's definitely a reason to pick your babysitters more carefully if you think about it. Prophecy or not, Sheena's parents died because Sheena's (Janet at the time) babysitter wasn't watching her very closely. Then the "echoes that kill" started to make sense. Just watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Avalon (2001)
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Point of view from someone not familiar with this genre, 11 November 2004

I see comments on this movie from people that know the various people that worked on it and their stuff. I have not heard of anybody working on this movie and therefore not familiar with their work, so, here's MY take on it:

It was actually pretty OK. There were some scenes that dragged. The scene on the bus (I think?) was pretty long to be just staring at people and Ash's friend eating seemed to go on forever, which it DID NOT need to be shown at all, I felt sick after seeing that. But, the action made up for it and the story was pretty good. The special effects were actually pretty good, too. I took this to be a low budget movie, but, the effects were very agreeable.

The end, though... jeez. I won't spoil it for you, but the end was... not what I expected, I'll just say that.

I think this is a good rent for anybody that likes movies about video games, or Matrix-y type stuff, or just seeing a hot Polish chick in leather and tight white tank-tops with no bra kicking butt. A little something for everyone.

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History in the Making!, 21 September 2004

Metallica's First Video! After they said they never would! And it's great! Lars tells you the backstory using humor and trivia. They actually came up with the concept on their own and THEN found out about the book and the movie "Johnny Got His Gun"! The rest is Metal history!

After that, you get to see 2 versions of the video. The first is the edited version with footage and little over 2 minutes of the song cut out. They did this so it would get played on the radio and MTV. Later, they carved a name for themselves in the mainstream and you usually hear the full version.

Then, the full blown, footage filled, disturbing, scary, and AWESOME real version.

The band footage is in an eerie, grainy black and white while the movie is in color. If you haven't seen the movie, you will be able to sleep at night, so, be happy. It is WEIRD. It jumps around, it is depressing and surreal, and there is a love scene between the main character and the nurse. "That's not weird!" you might say if you have never heard the song, but if you have, then you know a landmine has taken the main character's sight, speech, hearing, arms, or legs. They leave the love scene out of the video though, so, good....

Anyhoo, this is hard to find as of late, and my only copy is gone when my buddy borrowed it and moved, but I watched it so much that it probably has very limited life left, so, the joke's on him. Pick it up if you can. If you're a Metallica fan, it's a great thing to have,if you're not, it's a great thing to sell to a Metallica fan (or give if you're feeling generous).