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Preface edited on 5/27/13: This is a supplement to user *cleverthug*'s list "Sexiest Dark-skinned Women" in entertainment. I was unable to comment on his post because I don't have a Fayceb00k account. No particular order or ranking. I don't discriminate but I have an affinity for dark-complected women. More names to come. Not included on the list are musicians Patra, Lil Mo', WNBA forward Rushia Brown, fashion designer Samata Angel. The list is small because I don't watch a lot of television these days, and darker (female) complexions are not often represented in media. @Rosa Thomas, [I appreciate your comment. The list may seem "bizarre" to you in this--uhhh--post-racial America. It doesn't seem very p.c. and it objectifies women. However, this list is more eye candy for those who are attracted to the phenotype than a social commentary. Hollywood makes films like Jungle Fever or Guess Who, but what about Black-on-Black jungle fever? You never see that because of our issues with esteem and many of our girls and boys would still fare poorly in a Clark doll experiment. I believe that a child's first exposure to racism is of an internal nature. Why do we still refer to one another loosely as n****s or hoes? Internal racism is the reason that women and men in places like Jamaica or Philippines bleach their skin and many Blacks treat their hair chemically. A person cannot help who they are attracted to, but we all lose when we make generalizations to bad mouth a brother or sister of any race or complexion [edited on 8/2/2013]. By the way, your coworkers are risking their children's health, of course, if the child is being exposed to an excessive amount of sunrays for the purpose of a darker skin tone].

Hint: This listing borrows from IMDb post "Blacktresses: From Gabourey Sidibe to Diahann Carroll" and I have also included lighter-complected women and non-actors in this list who exude beauty and class.

**This is a TWO-page list on here. Thanks to all for comments and suggested names.**
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A redundant list of great comedies and dramas featuring one or more sports as their backdrop.
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Where's the spoiled fruit? Self-explanatory. You may notice a pattern in these crappy pictures that have offended my sensibilities.