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This was crap!, 19 October 2012

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The only reason I use my time to write this review is to save others the hours in their lives of watching it. Every black out is a prayer for the end. If I were not a true film watcher with the single vow never to fall asleep in a film I would have been out like a light from the first words. It's long with no meaning or plot with not storyline or even a good script. It does not show any true nature of rebellion as this would have been considered but shows It as the norm of those days which is not true. Any proper film watcher knows that if timeout likes a film and give it a good review then it probably deserves to be thrown away and buried. Here is your challenge, try and stay awake and interested throughout the whole film!

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Brilliant, 19 October 2012

The film is a lot different from the trailer. It's very good, brilliant actually, fun and enjoyable but much darker. The film shows it as a light weight,playful film, not as a psychotic man who needs to control every small detail in his life including the woman he loves. It is truly brilliant, but go in with an open mind, don't leave the trailer to guide you through the film. I sound like I'm giving it a bad impression. I don't mean to, I came out with my dad and I absolutely loved it, we spent most of the journey home contemplating what we had seen. And in all truths, I want the mum's house, and their water slide, and more!

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Brilliant, 19 October 2012

This is an absolutely superb film! If you see a trailer it won't show how brilliant this film is, the only way you can actually experience how good it is is by actually seeing it. The only way that it can be advertised to actually make you want to see it is word of mouth. I see loads of films each year and I can tell you as a true critic, not biased by any specific genre, this film is brilliant. It's original, funny, shows the true awkwardness of the situation and work with it. It's fun, no matter how serious the condition or serious the illness is. The guy is fun. The best line, "Are you religious?" "Yes, I need someone to hate and blame for my problems". It's so true!

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Brilliant and completely hooked, 19 October 2012

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I absolutely love this show! There is nothing out there that I actually enjoy watching as much as this to be truly honest. It's enjoyable, fun, serious, romantics don't truly exist since Axl's to idiotic to understand the concept and it's believable, slightly... You have these four brothers, no parents (till later), who are completely dysfunctional, like to drink with no concept of how to be normal. The granddad is one of my favourite characters because he's so completely useless and always stoned! You then have the completely incompetent flat mate who doesn't seem to know the difference between a goddess and a normal mortal woman if they're willing to sleep with him, or at least that's what he hopes. The difference is one will kill you whilst the other will just slap him.


The only problem is they're brothers. If you saw them you wouldn't realise it, if they never mentioned it you wouldn't realise it. They don't seem to be friends, family or even like each other, there is no sense of brotherly love. They just know each other and that seems to be that. I would like a tad bit more union ship between them, just a tiny bit more brotherly love, possibly.