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Snow-a no show, 10 May 2013

I can't believe eight writers worked on this s**t. Stick to acting Mr Argue, cause this bombed out attempt of comedy, that only offers a few laughs, less than tasteless comics in their moment of standup, goes nowhere. You know why-because there's no frickin' story. Argue who works on the ice rink, wins a car in a competition, so him and his dimwitted mate head to the snow. They make real a**es of themselves out there on the alps and inside the hotel lodge, as with these two hotties, not even acting, speaking as though, they're in reality, where you'd much rather be in, than this film. Thank god, at least we have Peter Moon, his presence, the best moments of this mess, as a sleazy manager, running the motel, trying to score with our hotties, and I guess you can imagine how that works out. The best thing about this, is it's beaty song at the end of the film, as well as it's end, 73 minutes too late, as it so happens. This crap, makes '84's Hot Dog-the movie, look superior.

Damage (1992)
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A British drama, for fine, arty movie lovers you have to give time for, 10 May 2013

The title here is like a punchline to a joke. In a near two hour film, we have an exceptionally slow plodding story, as if somehow the horrible tragedy near it's end, pays off, which it does on a first view. We feel the whole of this told film in a necessity up to that point. And lets be honest, watching the nubile Irons and Binoche, get it on, we almost wish a re run of the seamy scenes in Basic Instinct, replaced it. There is no eroticism, or chemistry, whatsoever. However I can't say I hated the film. It least does have some humping, whatever, one scene in particular has Binoche covering Iron's eye, while like skyward, dreamily. Irons works as a minister in Parliament, whatever, has a loving and supportive wife, the great Miranda Richardson, the acting stealer here. He lives in riches, has a beautiful teen daughter, a little rebellious sort, and a successful son (Rupert Graves) great too, who works for a paper and who's fiancée', is fatally Binoche. So we, know some sort of Damage is gonna eventuate. For men, cheating is almost second nature. Personally I think Irons character is such an idiot, in part he gets what he deserves at the end of this movie, though you do feel a tad sorry for him. I think Richardson is far sexier than Binoche, but we all know opinions tend to very. This drama, actually a class about it, as in it's slow pacing, where we other family, in one scene Binoche's ex, played by Peter Stormare, in an unusually calm role. What damage does at the end though, leaves you with an afterthought, about the consequences of cheating, where losing the ones we love, comes at a much heavier price. The title artistry is great, with each letter fading onto the screen, of course, in slow succession.

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An unforgotten 80's comedy in paradise, 9 May 2013

I love this movie when it first came out. You get more from it, if judging it by it's cover. What you have is a comedy and drama with heart, that balances well. Plus you have the likable Hershberger, an awkward type character here, the different end of the cue to the more confident and cocky one he played in Free Ride. He's just moved into sunny California, with his parents who've just bought a motel. Unfortunately, he sleeps in a room, where every night above him, he hears the constant rocking and squeaking of lovers humping it. Quickly befriended at his new school by a couple of guys, with obvious underlying intentions, the hot studs they are, he is soon renting out his rooms, free card, to his new circle of friends, where Papa eventually catches on. They shout Sam (Hershberger) video games, free sodas, whatever, as long as they get, you know what. There are some really funny incidents in this fresh 80's comedy, one I'll never forget where Sam and his friend, (JJ Cohen-The Principal) bragging about his member, sneak into a strip club, and clash with the bouncer. Sam has also caught the eye of a delicious blonde beauty, who happens to be going out with the deceitful head of his circle of amigos, who's apparently into almost every girl. That confrontational scene, with Hershberger delivering that warranted line of attack, before he punched the head friend out, after catching him with the beauty, had me cracking up, rewinding, continually, it even had me acting it out. In my own way, I was silently rooting for Hershberger. PM has some great music too, it's movie track "One Track Mind", rocks. This movie is tasty entertainment all the way. Movie's like this made the eighties unforgettable. The dinner scene with Hershberger awkwardly, politely swallowing down sushi while alone with the beauty at her house, is something most of us could relate with. Lucky, Hershberger options to take his date to the bowling alley for coke and fries. Stay for the end credits, as some clips are repeated, as the names of our mains are introduced.

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A fair spring, 9 May 2013

Four hot down on their luck girls, bikini beauties, resort to robbing a restaurant to pay for a spring break in good ol' Florida. This is familiar territory for Korine, recurring flashbacks, flash forward shots amidst a lot of profane if repeated dialogue (Spring breeaaaaak. Spring breaaaaak). Also it has thankfully a lot of, sex, nudity and cleavage, one shot if I was not mistaken, featured a guy getting s..ked off. These four girls almost out of high school, but stuck in this dead end town, yearn for this break, where it comes as a godsend. After getting arrested for noisy behavior at a loud party, they're bailed out by Alien- a wealthy drug dealer, avid rapper, budding pianist, and you should see all the s**t he's got in his pad, where's he quick and proud to brag about it, which makes for one of the funny scenes. Although SB has more drama about it, it does have an uncomfortable and a sadness about these girls, you really wanna see got do the right path. The party pooper, the hot Gomez, a church goer, bails out on them, returning to her dead town existence. You'll actually think she might return later but doesn't. Franco who takes the girls in, like candy to a baby, though Gomez sees above his act, which really it isn't, when you get to know his character better, vows vengeance on a former friend/drug dealer, after the second beauty is wounded and heads in the same direction as Gomez. Franco is the one savior of the film, a serious, seriously good actor, where we're sure to see much more impressive stuff from this guy. This film could of seriously plummeted without his performance. The shooting montage scene, against his piano playing/singing track of a ten year old Brittany Spears track, I liked very much, stays in my head, it was quite a surprise to hear this particular song. This movie is worth the view for the obvious birdwatcher, but really this one, which is something different, doesn't have much potency to it, where we could of delved deeper into these girl's characters and problems, where too many shots of bouncing boobies, or bikini's, got in the way. Not that's there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that at all.

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People do change, 8 May 2013

I liked the different direction Cronenberg went in, with this, followed by Eastern Promises. This is an impressive debut, in his out the horror zone of films. Viggo Mortennsen, an actor in high demand, gives another fine performance as a simple man, who could be hiding an ugly past as a fixer for the mob. Now running a cafe, he foils a robbery attempt, in one quite graphic scene concerning the poor SOB robber, who has half his face blown off. Now painted as a town hero, this could be the much recognition, he doesn't need. A seamy stranger, mob guy, (Ed Harris) suddenly shows up in town claiming to know Tom Stawell (Mortennsen) threatening to disclose his past, which Stawell heavily denies. Mario Bello, also impressive as Stawell's wife, stands by him, as more evidence comes to light which can't be overlooked. May'be he really was that bad man, who did all those terrible and hideous things to those poor souls. More convinced is another guy, who Stawell is brought to, played by an actor of high accolade, who was out of the celebrity light for a while, his performance worth waiting for, it's great to see his comeback in this thing. What gets you with A History Of Violence, is the thriller aspect, the need to know of Mortenssen's character. It's an highly engrossing movie, on that basis, with heavy bits of the latter of it's title, with Morttensen, just a superb actor to watch. Through watching him mostly play bad guys in early roles, I always found this uncomfortable aura about him. An early scene, where Bello leads an uncertain Viggo to a secluded spot for some, you know what, is cute.

Not a bad kill from Quentin's mate, 8 May 2013

On my view, I do admit I was a bit disappointed. Give it a few views, I was entertained intensely. First we have Paris, one of the most beautiful cities of the world, though we don't get to see much of it in this. Granted, this is no Pulp Fiction, some of it's dialogue with it's intellectual humor, leads us to question Quentin might of got his pen a little wet here. Like Reservoir Dogs, we have a heist gone wrong, amidst a little frank and shocking violence. (Eric) Jean Hughes Anglande has invited a childhood friend over, safe cracker Zed (Stoltz) he hasn't seen in some time. They're to do over a big bank on Bastille day, where the night before they get on the p**s and H, so obviously we're in the hand of some real experts. This too becomes a shock to Zed, who's only given a day's notice, not even having time to checked the bank out. In part, as seen to the amateur display of activities by our thieves, in these ugly masks, you could silently label this as an anti drug movie. Now here's the fun angle to the title. On the day of Zed's arrival, he's sent an escort, Zoe, (Julie Delpy) who just happens to work at the same bank, they do over, where Zed caught at a pivotal moment, towards it's end, is forced to make a choice, and I did too like the way it ended. Too, Eric's drunken admittance of aids, to Zed, made sense in the way he literally shoved Zoe out of his room, after the two's little interlude. Loved the cool opening plus it's title song, where were shown numerous streets of Paris, as if from a driver's POV. I loved the end song too, with Delpy saying "Let me show you the real Paris". Also Stoltz's whacked out POV, of visible music tunes, drifting out of friend, Anglande's trumpet. Not for all Tarantino fans.

Nowhere (1997)
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Araki's lowdown film, 8 May 2013

After the superior, The Living End and Totally f**ked up, Araki's two next films spiraled, this one a more desperate attempt on the last, until he redeemed himself with Mysterious Skin, probably his best ever. Take strong reference to the title. This is a going nowhere movie, though, like The Doom Generation, you can't deny it's color, and enthusiasm, in it's over the top characters and situations, where even a couple who were once the Brady kids appear. One shock moment I recall, was the hot shot actor, raping a female fan. This movie has no direction, it's messages unexplanatory, only there are a lot of f**ked kids in L.A. burdened with their usual baggage and angst. This is just another movie of put together out there scenes, a few familiar faces in this too. This is the prime reason, this falls even weaker than The Doom Generation. One good thing out of it was hottie, Menu Suvari in what is another Araki mess. You could almost make a film like this, by going out on the town with your friends, or at their parties, where the rest you could script with some out there stuff to give it some flavor.

Scanners (1981)
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A scanners deep in story, a must see, 7 May 2013

Scanners has the best exploding head scene, I've ever seen. That was the primary reason I saw it, back when I was 14, where after, the film just became a long bore, after that first ten minutes into the film. When I saw it about fourteen years later, as with some films, including Manhunter, or Near Dark, to name a couple, my opinion had changed considerably. There are a couple of other gory bits, but one has to look beyond, into the genius of a well thought out, if a little over plotted, story, which at times is hard to follow. It starts out with a derelict with special telekinetic and telepathic abilities, who causes some probs, menacing some old customers in a shopping mall cafeteria, inducing one into a heart attack. He becomes a guinea pig, taken in by a malicious organization, who joins some other special minds, including sexy Jennifer O'Neil. The Derelicts brother's, Ironside, also a scanner, uses his gift, but with bad intentions, where he has some dastardly plans for his brother, who must outpower him. Sometimes horror tends to dwell into the too much story zone, instead of bloodletting. This is what has happened here, yet this movie got me in, this time. Another one of Cronenberg's hits. Check out his earlier pic, Shivers, again that has a quite fascinating story, you kind of have to use your noggen to better understand.

Like psychologically disturbed brother, like a sequel that sucks, 6 May 2013

This was a no need for a horror sequel. An unbelievable amount of screen time is wasted on flashback footage in the first one, that stands superior to this trash. We have a way over acted Freeman as Ricky, the younger surviving brother of the first after the other maniacal brother was shot down in front of his young eyes, in it's finale. In this one, of all the nerve to have a movie, where mass murderer brother Ricky is being interviewed by a psychiatrist, out to find his motivations, among long intermittent flashbacks. When Ricky cracks in front of girlfriend Cayton, killing an ex, then Cayton, while continuing his rampage, shooting down neighborhood folk, save for a little girl, it's just futile and this massacre doesn't make sense. The way in which he kills his victims, apart from the ones who are shot, are just pathetic. Remember, it's a horror. Horror films require knives, etc, not guns, which made that massacre, incredibly stupid and totally out of whack. Somehow this sequel got all it's s..t wrong. I do admit, Freeman is fun to watch. Not so is this film, some of it's stars, and I'm really talking minor roles, mostly, giving such hammy performances, they ought to be hammered. The actors in the first one were so much better (professional). This film really goes nowhere or explain Freeman's motivations, as he's too far gone to level with the doc, or he's just too much of a sickopath, which just devalues it more. One stupid horror, sequel.

Julia (1974)
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Julia won't grab you, 6 May 2013

When finally viewing this, I found the whole exercise, one straining bore. We have a girl desperate to lose her virginity (a younger Sylvia Kristel). She falls for a boy her age, also inexperienced, his dad letting his mistress giving him some pointers but ultimately failing. Seriously folks, this scenario has been done to death in so many other films, especially around 70's time. But here it's done with such uninteresting characters, you don't give two hoots about any of em'. It doesn't have much story either, the surrounds kind of bringing back the ones in Erotic Sex Games, a much better adult title, you'd have an almost nil chance of attaining. Sex hungry Kristel, so angered by her lover, holding back, becomes violent too, like clawing at his face. I couldn't stand the big haughty mistress, either. Julia isn't a film I'd watch again. I remember it as such a disappointing view, where not much happens, a limited adult film in many ways, where The Emmanuelle series is a much better pick. I honesty regretted hiring this one. Trust me, leave this one where it belongs-on the shelf.

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