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Completely unwatchable!
2 April 2014
I had to force myself to watch this movie because i wanted to find something that would justify my spending $6 dollars on this disappointment... i mean movie.

The original was so good and i, like many i am sure was really looking forward to this movie. Within 10 minutes, i knew this was a very bad idea. The format that seems to be consistent with all Will Ferrell/ Judd Apatow movies in regards to the lame jokes, ridiculous outbursts, etc... ran its course a few movies ago.

Watching this movie has also damaged my wanting to see another Will Ferrell or Judd Apatow movie for a very long time. The only thing that was good about this movie, besides the news there wont be a 3rd movie, was the soundtrack.

Ill just stick to stick to the original Anchorman.
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Outstanding!! a must watch!!
17 October 2012
I was channel surfing one night and came across episode 1 at the mid-way point and was intrigued. So i watched episode 1 from the beginning and liked what I saw and decided to give this series a chance, and i was not disappointed! James Cameron scored a hit with the movie Titanic by being able to infuse factual with fiction so well that you couldn't tell the difference. This series was the same thing, but in 12 parts.

The story line from episodes 2-9 were outstanding and the acting was incredible. I really felt like i had a window into these people's lives and knew what it was like in Belfast 103 years ago.

Derek Jacobi is an incredible actor and played Lord Pirrie masterfully. He was a great as he was in Gladiator. Alessandra Mastronardi is stunningly beautiful and is great as Sophia.

Her and Kevin Zegers chemistry was great and now i find myself looking for other movies they have been in and will be in because how good their acting is.

The sets and costumes were spot on and the dialogue was very well written.

My one knock about this series is that after episode 9, they rushed to finish it within 2 episodes. I really think they should have allowed the rest of the story to wrap in another 1 or 2 episode so it didn't seem rushed.

But the ending was still very good and I teared up a little as i did at the end of Titanic the movie back in 1997.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is a history buff, a Titanic buff, and anyone who wants a great series to watch.

I suggest watching an episode or two a day so you can absorb they story and you will find that you can't wait to see where the story goes next! Never mind the other reviews about how the accuracy may have been off somewhat, the hats should have been different, blah blah blah.

I think that if you watch this series you would thoroughly enjoy it and you may find yourself never wanting it to end. And you may even be like me and think about watching it all over again.

Speaking of, where's my remote?
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