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Prometheus (2012/I)
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What a great prequel to Alien, 1 June 2012

I just saw this movie in 3D.

I must say that after reading some reviews I was a little skeptic.

The movie for me started out slow and easy before it got darker and more creepy. The 3D was smooth, not like other movies with all the extra effort to make you see the 3D. This was just relaxing, like you did not notice that you were seeing it in 3D. It felt natural.

The story was fun and exciting.

All in all for me, this was one hell of a ride! I have seen all the other Alien movies 10 times or more since the 90's. And this movie delivered for me! Thanks Mr. Scott, you made one hell of a prequel! And I loved it! It was dark, creepy and fun! Just like it should be!

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This summer, Twilight get's funny!! Or so it seems..?!, 5 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just saw a screening of this movie, and after seeing the three Twilight movies it was quite refreshing to see it from another angle.

So you are wondering, is this movie like the other spoof movies, Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans ? The answer is yes it is. It's stupid, it's retarded, it makes almost no sense and it is funny sometimes. The interpretation of the characters are pretty good, Edward is like he always is in Twilight, in constant pain.

And Jacob, he is a dog! So, if you ask me, this is just as boring as the Twilight saga. Ithas some funny scenes, but not enough. I did not smile much watching this and it just got to dumb at times. But if you liked Epic Movie, you are in for a treat! I will not be seeing this again, as it almost hurt thinking about it. I'll rate it 3 out of 10 stars for trying. But that's just me! :)

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Luc Deveraux and Andres Scott are back in business! It's all good!, 30 December 2009

In the third and by now the last Universal Soldier series, both Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren are back for one last showdown together.

This time they are both in a different place a different time for a different reason. But with the same anger and history.

So, is it any good? Well, being a STV and the fact that i's filmed in Bulgaria, it's pretty good actually.

I would say that it's not by far the same as the first Universal Soldier, but still good old action fun with two old action stars.

Anyways, good action, so so on the story and some cool violence and effects. The movie were kinda fun.

I'll rate it 7 out of 10 stars, cause I like Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. :)

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Jason is reborn!!, 14 February 2009

First of I would just like to say to all of you that don't like this one, why?

It is a very good remake I think. Me and my friends have seen all the other ones on DVD many times, and this is a perfect adaptation of the classics.

The horror, the music, the hunt, Jason himself, everything is on point! All the people in the cinema was screaming when he attacked, it was very joyful!! I really loved it!

And I am a huge Friday The 13th and Jason fan.

For me this was perfect, just what I were hoping for! I liked that they played with us all the way... Like the wheelchair in his hideout, now that was funny, for us that has seen the original!! And all the weapons he could kill them with, but chose not to use... Teasing! I loved it!

I liked the fact that you don't have to see all the others before seeing this one. For the new generation, this would be the first one!

9/10 for me... Thanks for a good movie!

Yes Man (2008)
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He is back, finally!!, 31 December 2008

First of all I would like to say that this movie might seem like Liar Liar at first sight, but it is not!

I think this movie is both funny and sweet. What if one word could change everything? I found myself wondering this after leaving the cinema, and I left it with a satisfied feeling of quality.

This is the best Jim Carrey movie I have seen in years. I really enjoyed it and so did the rest of the audience too...

And I love the soundtrack on this, the song he has as a ring-tone, Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) is great, fantastic! I feel real good when I heard it, and the movie made me smile, but not just smile, also feel something! I felt real joy!!

I must congratulate the director and the cast for a job well done! You made a movie that really works, and for that I am grateful! Good movies are rear these days.

9/10 for me, will buy it on blue-ray when it comes.

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Interesting but kinda usual sci-fi'ish, 10 December 2008

Just seen this at the local cinema. As I understand we got it two days before the US, who gets it the 12th of December.

Well, what can I say really, about this movie? I feel it could have been so much more, like the others say here. The alien, played by Keanu Reeves, feels so cold and felingless. I know that is what he is suppose to be looking like, but it's sad.

The robot on the other hand is awesome, totally state of the art! Fun to see T-Bag in one of the roles also, love that guy.

I would say that a good movie is something you wanna see again on DVD, this is not something I will be seeing again on DVD. I'm better of with Independence Day, at least that one is pretty fun! And I can see it again and again, and the effects are just the same.

To bad this isn't that great, but I guess some movies are best when they first came out...

Taken (2008/I)
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Forget about Seagal and Bronson, this is pure justice at hand!!, 13 October 2008

This movie takes us back to the good old street justice days of movies.

We all remember Death Wish and Out For Justice, and not forgetting Payback. These movies gave us that raw and pure violence without any remorse or feeling, just raw good old violence. And who would have tough Liam Neeson to be the one pulling this off so generously. Well, here my friends we have something so good, it's just to good to miss out on. I sat on my couch, eating chips and having some max, while this killing machine of a man just took down one after another, and it seemed it should never end. To my satisfaction I might add, I enjoyed the killing quite much. The last time I had a blast like this were when I saw Out For Justice and Under Siedge, maybe even Bloodsport or Death warrant. These aren't the acting standard one might hope for, but non the less good old violent action at it's best, just like this good flick is. So, to stop babbling and answering the question at hand, yes, this is the movie you want to see, and yes, it will make you wanna take up karate again in the garage...

Rambo (2008)
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Rambo still kicks ass!!, 26 January 2008

Myself and some of my best friends drove for 1 hour last night to see the last picture from Stallone. The cinema were full of people everywhere, excited to see Rambo back in action.

I just gotta say, damn what a cool movie. It just blew up everything I were hoping for, it gave me and the crowd in the cinema our money worth. When the movie started we could hear the old Rambo intro, and people started clapping, so did we! It was one wild ride this movie, people killing people like flies, and then the action hero of all heroes just comes in and destroys everything in his way.

I really loved this! This is the best Rambo movie since the first one. All I can say is, if your reading this Stallone, way to go man! You've just raised from the dead and shown to the world that Rambo will live forever!! I really recommend this to all action lovers, but be warned, some of the scenes even made me almost look the other way, but it made the movie stronger! 10 out of 10 stars from me and all of my friends!

Izzat (2005)
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Honour is all you got..., 7 October 2005

The new norwegian gangster movie delivers what it's promising. It kinda reminded me of A Bronx Tale from 1993 with Robert De Niro but with some more and detailed violence. The movie is great, the acting is awesome and the characters are brutal but real. I know this since I have been with these kind of people before and seen it upclose and personal.

I went to see this with a open mind, after seeing Uno on the cinema last year I kinda figured this would be some of the same but it were way better. I can safely recommend this to all of you out there. Just enjoy some gangster stuff taken from the reality and see what crime has become and how it got that way in Norway. I'm once again hooked and looking forward to the next great norwegian movie.

8 out of 10 stars in my book.

Animal (2005) (V)
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To survive in the streets you need to be smart..., 3 September 2005

I just saw a screening of this one. I was very happy with how the movie was. I love prison movies and love seeing how they live. Ving Rhames plays The Animal (James) a gangster who kills just for fun and ends up in prison for armed robbery and attempted murder. His son grows up to be just like his father. The Animal is a strong and true story about one man's choice and to have the guts to take it.

I liked this movie. I am a Ving Rhames fan and he did it again. If you like Ving Rhames and like prison movies and gangster movies I think you will like this one.

8/10 Stars in my book

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