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Not As Bad As It Could Have Been, 21 March 2006

Here is a ground rule to keep in mind before watching this movie. Michael didn't lend his music to this film. With that said, I will now continue. If this movie is based all on tabloids, then that is the writer's fault. That isn't the fault of the actors. However, this film, with source material aside, I thought was very entertaining. I loved the cast. I loved Flex as MJ. Flex did a good job with the script he was given. He really brought Michael to life in certain scenes. Second of all, I loved whoever played Ziggy and Bobby. I think Ziggy was roughly based on Frank DiLeo and I think Bobby was based on Bill Bray. Is there anyone else can back this up? None the less, both were talented actors, who played their roles greatly. I loved it when Ziggy and Bobby were both in Neverland and both thrilled about Michael having his own place. It was a priceless scene. The maids help up this sign that said, "Welcome to Neverland" and Ziggy help up a sign also, saying, "Finally." I also liked the women who played, Elizabeth Taylor and Lisa Marie Presley and Janet Jackson. (All though the woman who played Janet, didn't look like her very much, she was good in her role, I thought.) I also thought as far as the people who played Elizabeth Taylor and Lisa Marie Presley, were both good in their roles. I think the movie did a good job at showing what good friends Michael and Elizabeth Taylor are. She was REALLY there for him during all the 93 drama, and this film totally shows that. I think the woman who played Debbie Rowe was VERY pretty. I also LOVED the sets used in this movie. I know it may have looked cheap compared to Michael's real pad, and I agree with that. However, that is like comparing a fine steak to fast food. If you view the sets without the notions of what they should look like, they looked very amazing. They also served the purpose. I thought especially, the inside of Neverland looked, what I would picture it looking like. It had all these statues of angels and animals, like I picture MJ probably having in his real home. They also had the mannequins, like MJ is known for having. The costumes were also very well done. I thought this movie did an awesome job of capturing and reproducing as best they could, some of the costumes Michael really wears.

I thought the script was well written. I know some had beef with it skipping from point to point, but, I imagine that this way is the best organized way to have made this movie. Michael has had a very complex life thus far. He has had his share of amazing times but also more then his share of drama and sadness. I think this movie shows the real events, as I imagine, they probably did happen, in some form. Some also probably have beef with not enough time showing him in The Jackson Five, however, I think as an adult he is a better entertainer and much more interesting for the audience's sake. (Keep in mind, I doubt this movie was made to please Michael Jackson fans only.) Back to the film, I imagine this film was produced to take a glimpse at Michael's adult life this far. I also enjoyed from an editing/ production point of view, when it would show video clips of "the real Michael." I believe it only happened once. It happened when they used footage of the "real life Michael" holding his son over the balcony. Then it would cut back to the actor. It also showed a few pictures (if you look REALLY closely) on the child's wall, in the scene when Michael visits the boy's home, of "the real Michael." However, as a fan, I feel it was morally wrong for them to use,"the real Michael" in any of these scenes, if Michael said he didn't want to lend his music, they shouldn't have used any footage of him at all. I know Michael was down on this movie, as were most of his supporters, but I thought this movie was pretty fair and balanced. It really tried to show Michael in a positive light, I think. It was pretty clear, Michael was innocent in this movie. It was also clear, the script painted the boy's father out to be a money grubbing con. A)In the film, he asked Michael, "Have you had a chance to read my screen-play?" To which Michael, said no. B)The boy's father in the film also smiled at the boy and said, "Tell me more about these sleep overs." As though in his mind, he was already plotting this evil plan. The only problem I had with this film, was the sad ending. I thought the ending was so depressing. I know that it tried to be positive about the future, but the fact is, the future is depressing for The real life Michael Jackson. He is currently in for the fight of his life. I can't imagine him surviving jail. The thought of him in jail makes me sick to my stomach. I hope he gets an innocent verdict of all charges. (Then maybe they could update this film or make a sequel.) I wished this movie would have came out around the time "Invincible" was released. Or the week that it was Number One all over the world, including America! That way, it could have had a much happier ending. I'm a sucker for happy endings. I thought this movie made itself to be "Pro Michael" about 85% of the time. If you want 100% "Pro Michael" film, I suggest viewing, once again, "Jacksons: An American Dream." Overall, for me, This film gets 8.8 out of 10 for me. I give it a B+.

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Not The Best But Not That Bad Either!, 18 March 2006

First of all, let me say that the first "Weeeknd At Bernie's" is a tough movie to "follow up." The premise (while by the end of the first movie it may have seemed worn out) was fresh for its time and the humor was totally there. As for the sequel, I was glad to see Richard and Larry still hanging out together. It was also nice to see that their characters didn't change much. Richard was still the brains behind the operation and Larry was still as crazy as ever. Yes the plot was kind of silly (to put it mildly) and the whole voo-doo thing was kind of lame. However, the 2 people chasing Larry and Richard added some new humor to this film that the first movie kind of lacked. Who made the movie? Well Bernie DUH! Bernie provides lots of good laughs with his silly dancing, and even though he is dead, he brought lots of life to this movie at times. Beyond that, the music in this film really helped it along. With the music, it really made you wish you could go on a vacation wherever the boys were at. To put it another way, the music REALLY helped this film. While this movie isn't the greatest comedy ever, it really does not deserve all the horrible things people say about it. Richard, Larry and Bernie make this film worth watching at least once. Now if only they would have made a soundtrack to go with the movie. And before you ask, yes the music was that good! :)

Blankman (1994)
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One Of My Favorites, 17 March 2006

This movie is great! I have always thought Damon Wayans was a funny guy. (I thought he was awesome in "Celtic Pride.") However, I saw this movie on HBO not that long ago and wasn't expecting much. I was wrong and basically it is VERY funny. It has all different kinds of humor. Maybe it is because I am a huge Batman fan at heart, however the main character was very likable. (Yet you didn't feel bad when you laughed at him for being a wimp.) He literally did "scream like a Susie." Jason Alexander (It kind of does not look like him at first) does an excellent job also. I really wish they would make a follow up film. The movie also connected very well. So many comedies today go for a cheap laugh and don't worry much about making the story come together. Blankman did an awesome job at staying funny the entire length of the movie and also making the story come together. He is to date the only super hero who is a "strong wimp." It is a great movie for someone looking for some great laughs. This movie is very under-rated (I think) and totally deserves more good reviews. Totally worth the time to watch or rent. (I am buying myself a DVD copy to enjoy over and over again.) Thank you Blankman. R.I.P. J5! :)

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My favorite show on TV behind only Seinfeld., 17 October 2005

What can I say about this show? The cast is awesome. The writers rock. The show is great. My favorite character is Barney. He is probably the main person I watch the show for. He is funny and brings a certain "something' to TV that it needs. It is totally the best new comedy in awhile. While it does have a laugh track - it isn't needed. Bob Sagget is right at home on this show playing the Dad. I think it is very fitting for him to be playing that role. The rest of the cast is great also. The guy who plays Ted is great at being the 'every day' guy and Marshall and his soon to be wife, Lilly are perfect together. As for Robin, well she is Robin and there is nothing wrong with her. I think everyone on this show including the regular cab driver are great. This show has everything and I hope everyone gives it a chance. I love it. It is legendary. Till next week Barney.

Holiday Voices (2003) (TV)
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Great Show!, 21 February 2005

This was probably one of the coolest gatherings of Kansas City talent. It didn't hurt that the show had Elton John's music video featured on it. The show's highlight was probably Crew21's music video. Jason Star gets a lot of crap but people shouldn't judge this show or his band's music against him. The show was great and I'm sad that it doesn't air anymore every year. I think that the direction this show was going was a good one and it provided a cool outlet for real Kansas City entertainers to showcase talents on TV. As opposed to the people who just calls themselves talented but never have anything air on TV or the radio to back up their "talents." This show was awesome and everyone featured on it rocked. It made my Christmas of that year so much more happy. GREAT SHOW!