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The best documentary ever produced on WW I, 31 October 2010

This movie is one of the only reasons I finally broke down and bought a VHS-DVD dubbing recorder. Bar none, it is the best documentary ever produced on World War I. And I've been worried the VHS tape would dry-rot and crinkle and prevent my future enjoyment of this masterpiece.

From the all-star cast for the voice-over work to the beautifully restored vintage video to its hauntingly eerie soundtrack to its historically exacting accuracy and insightful commentary, there is absolutely nothing negative I can say about this documentary other than it's a shame it's not out on DVD, in the classrooms and libraries and available for future generations.

If you're lucky, you'll find a vintage VHS copy on one of the auction sites but be prepared to pay for the privilege of ownership. I've seen used sets sell for $300 and more. But, honestly, it would be worth the price in either the 4 2-hour tape or the 8 1-hour tape versions.

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What a piece of junk!, 23 February 2005

This movie is a perfectly good waste of videotape. A better use would be to take that videotape and strangle the producer of this piece of junk.

I picked this movie up for .99 at a video store closeout and it was .99 too much! What is it about Germans that they have to produce such weird freaking films? I'm swearing off schnapps!

It's a biopic about some European siren whose claim to fame is that she dances nude, which causes a scandal for her art! The U.S. has biopics about strippers, "Blaze," being one. But "Blaze" had not only a more encompassing storyline, regarding Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long, but also Paul Newman in the role of Earl K.

I gave this movie 2 stars for several reasons: 1. When I voted, no one had yet given it two stars, but one person had given it one star. I follow no one's lead! 2. It's got some nudity. Where else can you get soft-porn video for .99? 3. I expect to hold onto it and sell it to some effete Eurotrash film snob on eBay for wads of cash. I can't believe it made it to video. It's got to be out of print.

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A fine, funny movie, 14 July 2004

This was a fine, funny, tongue-in-cheek spoof of early television space shows. Its only drawback is that this movie never made it to serialization or video/DVD to be enjoyed by others.

This movie pilot debuted before "Galaxy Quest" but is the same premise. A distant planet is in trouble. A young scientist picks up TV video signals from Earth and sees stage-managed heroic exploits of Captain Zoom on a children's TV show. He believes the heroics to be real. The young scientist snags the egotistical actor with some kind of space transport tractor beam, and beams the actor who was playing Captain Zoom to the besieged planet to aid its inhabitants.

This movie is light-hearted and features some good performances by the sexy and funny Gia Carides as Vesper, Dan Riordan in the title role, Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura of Star Trek fame)as Sagan and Ron Perlman as Lord Vox aka "The Bad Guy."

I'm sorry MCA didn't put more money into promoting this film. It had an unpolished gem on its hands. But perhaps, with thinking like that, it's the reason MCA is now owned by Universal, and not the other way around.