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Absolubtly Brilliant!!!!!, 15 July 2004

The first time I saw Reservoir Dogs, I was sick with a fever, bored out of my mind, and needed something, anything, to take my mind off of being sick.

I went and rented Reservoir Dogs and watched it. To sum it up in two words, it was ABSOLUBTLY BRILLIANT.

Everything about it was brilliant. The script writing, the directing, the acting, the music and the way it was filmed. Awesome!

Who would've known that a movie that takes place in a garage/warehouse for about an hour and a 20 minutes, (not counting the parts that were outside of the garage/warehouse, which was about 20 minutes) could be so damn interesting. I loved it.

The dialogue is fantastic, well written, and the music is great. It rarely dragged, maybe in one or two spots, but other than that, it was great.

I bought the 10'th Anniversary DVD and watched it twice in three days, and I noticed that every time you watch it, you find something new. Either you hear something new in the dialogue, or you notice a new prop or whatever, but repeated viewings make it better every time.

Kudos Quentin for making such a great movie!

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Hilarious and Entertaining, 15 July 2004

I bought the DVD without seeing the movie (because I like Uma Thurman) and I read the reviews on here before viewing it. I then read saw that that almost everybody who reviewed it hated it.

Well, I thought it was entertaining and funny. I don't think that it was supposed to be funny, but it was. Like with the bears, that was hilarious.

It was a crappy movie, but I found it so funny that I ended up enjoying it. Yeah, it isn't like the original show, but it was supposed to be a new take on the old show. (Even though it did a horrible job at doing so).

In the end, I gave it 5/10 because it was funny, and it went by fast for me because I kept laughing at the bears.