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A truly gripping and interesting film...., 14 October 2012

I think some of the reviews i have read are harsh, if you were not wanting a documentary style film then why on earth did you watch it... no maybe it isn't as scary as some make it out to be, or as it even claimed to be. But the STORY is brilliant, it is a story that even weeks after watching you will still be trying to figure out... it all starts well, and gets straight in.... and then yes there i some slow periods but it builds up to some great moments.

If you love exorcism movies then it would be a brilliant film to add to your collection, if you love horror films then again its a good one to add to the collection.

The director uses a superb blend of science and religion to get the believable storyline across, and to truly haunt the viewers that night.

It is well worth a watch!