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number one documentary for 2003, 13 July 2004

I found the DVD by accident while looking for Bowling for Columbine(June 2004). The jacket just struck a sensitive cord down my spine. Books are my weakness, good books and great reads. The film itself is worth every penny spent and it is such a shame that I have never heard of it nor seen it on screen last year(2003). Today, I watch it almost once or twice a week for so many reasons. To remind me that passion really motivates one to strive harder than the mediocre effort to achieve what is in ones heart and mind. It keeps me leveled and humbled all the time and it constantly tells me on how the searcher and the searcher found each other and the story never ended gets even better. Of course great books that were long forgotten are worth reading(some even before i was born) and if done with, go and read them again. Because nothing is richer than a life well spent of reading and digesting all these amazing and mind blowing well of words than revisiting the pages again just because...