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the best kung fu movie ever!!!, 22 March 2008

This film is a masterpiece. It is possibly the most ridiculous film ever made yet appears to take itself seriously throughout. Its the only kung fu film I've ever seen with lots of naked women and sexual references which makes it even more funny. The trick-or-treat style costumes, crazy editing and voice overs all make it a non-stop laugh riot if you like bad films.

I don't recommend this film for dull minded people who need everything to make sense or be easy to understand. This film is for people who know how much fun the absurdity of Kung Fu can be.

This is now my second favorite kung fu movie, my first is still "Wheels on Meals" with Jackie Chan, its not quite as absurd as this one though.

Both of those films (and many others including Ninja Death 2) are available for free, legally, online with Joost. Download their player and go to the "Tokyo Pulp" channel and you can view them for free.

The Contractor (2007) (V)
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crap - If you have a good mind don't waste it on this film..., 12 March 2008

This film was horrible. The script is COMPLETELY unrealistic yet it is written to take place in the real-world, the editing and lighting effects are worse than most first projects in film school.

I do not recommend this film to anyone who: A) knows any detail about the world of police or covert operations. B) knows any detail about film making or appreciation.

I do recommend this film to the average or below-average mind, I think it would be enjoyable if I was a dumber. If you must watch this film on a full mind, I highly recommend some kind of inebriation

It is a total waste of what little production value it has.

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This film is very interesting!, 6 March 2008

I have no idea why there was such a vindictive review of this film, Technically it's really well done and I thought the writing was clever and interesting. The story flows well from the real-life hypocrisies of politics and shows how insurgency is born of it. The only reason I can see for giving this film a poor rating is if you disagree with its politics or are uneducated enough to view the plot in an unrealistic light. If you are fascinated by revolutions and insurgencies and you're brain can handle anti-American sentiment in a rational light then you will enjoy this film. It would make an EXCELLENT teaching aide for a contemporary US political science course.

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Awards? How?, 27 August 2006

I just left this comment on Google Video where this film is being marketed for a purchased download. I am not sure what the competition was like at those film festivals but this film is a good example of why beginning film makers should limit their films to competitions and not release them to the public especially if they accompany the film with self aggrandizing comments. I am a major Russiphile and even when viewing it from this standpoint the film is still about 80 min too long.

Here's my previous comment: I have seen this film twice at various film festivals. It is obviously the first work of a film maker and really has no structure or redeeming value other than to the filmmaker as a kind of vacation slide show. Sadly so many film makers think their first work should be as astounding to the audience as they are to the filmmaker. But just because this film is not that good doesn't mean that the filmmaker has no talent. According to IMDb the filmmaker has not made any more films since this one.

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relaxed thought provoking film, 13 May 2005

You can't help but love the tenacity of this lady, it is very interesting to see how this contrasts with the personality of the solider and how all of that together makes a comment about politics, law and life. Once you move away from the hustle-bustle of the city and have the time and space to think, much of what we view as social necessity is absurd, and this film makes that point. I love the directing, it is very relaxed and slow, like life on the island, it makes the lady seem all that more out of place.

Its a very unique and well thought out film, to be appreciated most by contemplatives.

If you know of other films like this and want to recommend them my email address is cs_weaver @ yahoo .com

Baran (2001)
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hypnotic love story, 13 May 2005

One of the aspects of this film not touched by other reviews here is the quality of the directing. it is incredible how as you watch the film your natural inclination to see the situation solved is completely drowned out by the motion of the film. Its unusual to find such a philosophical film that keeps both your eyes and heart wide awake.

The truly altruistic nature of love, the crazy things it makes you do and not regret are born out in this film in beautiful ways. From an Iranian perspective it is an interesting look at cross-cultural phenomena but I think the average American doesn't know enough about Afghani, Kurdish and Iranian culture to appreciate that.

You see this coming from the start but I'll warn you that the next thing I say might spoil part of the film for you:

My favorite scene is at the end when she drops her burka as she realizes he loves her, realizing how dangerous her beauty is, how it has left this poor boy in emotional and financial chaos and how she cannot do anything to help.