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The Avengers (1998)
A fun movie and introduction to the Avengers series
16 August 2004
Is this going to be the next "Gone with the Wind"? No. Is it a horrible movie with a bad script and bad acting? No!

This movie is, quite simply, fun. Fans of the hit series will be reminded of the smug attitude of Steed, although no one will be able to catch the magic between the original actors. However, the movie does well for what it is, and is quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately, it caters to a narrow range of people. Those who have never seen The Avengers might think the acting is bad or dialog poorly written. This is not the case. They are merely mimicking the style of the TV show.

Of the other hand, those who are fanatical fans will hate it because it's not as good as the TV show, and makes many changes.

But those who enjoy the show and aren't nitpicky will find this a thoroughly enjoyable movie.
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One of the best "movie" movies ever.
13 July 2004
I am not a movie "snob" who only likes artsy films. In fact, there are few films which I do not enjoy. However, I also appreciate *good* films, the ones that surpass the medium and really deliver what movies are supposed to: Entertainment.

And on this account, The Princess Bride is quite possibly the best movie that I have ever seen. It has an excellent balance of character development across a fairly wide array of characters, maintains a steady pace that pulls you through the film while never felling rushed. The sets are lively and feel real, even when the special effects don't ;) It has action, romance, humor, and is a film that any age can enjoy.

This was no $200mil superstar blockbuster. It's simply a very good film with no weaknesses. I hope that, if you haven't seen this film, you give it a shot. It's truly worth seeing.
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