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At Least This Movie Should Guarantee No Further NOEM Remakes!, 2 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you watch this, you will discover that this movie, unlike the original, is completely forgettable. If the original movie NEVER came out and this was entirely new - it would fail miserably as there is nothing memorable about it.

To be fair, you should know that the original Nightmare on Elm Street is my All-Time favorite movie ever made. When I first saw it at the age of 17 - 4 years after it's making - I was instantly in love. I watched it over 100 times in a short period. I memorized every word, every inflection in the entire film. I made a cassette recording of the movie so that I could play it at all times, including while I slept!

For those that sadly don't know:

The original movie is considered one of the finest highlights of the horror genre, even today. (NOEM 2 was terrible - the rest had highs and lows) The movie told a very chilling story of a fiendish child MURDERER and the fact that he was killing from the dream world was a whole new terrifying idea. The Lead character of Nancy Thompson is known as an ideal example of the female victim who becomes a powerfully strong heroine. It also served as the launchboard for Johnny Depp.

This 2010 "version" is so far from the original and has no coherent plot, awful character development, boring characters, underdeveloped death scenes, poor writing and lines, bland acting, plot holes and blatantly corrupts the original Freddy villain. This movie relies on a few, decent special effects and lots of "Surprise! Scares" to get you through the 135 minutes of play. I wanted to leave out of boredom.

The leading characters of Quentin and Nancy (why they changed everyone's names but Nancy's and Freddy's I have no idea.) are sorry Emo-based lackluster humans that happen to be going through this ordeal. Edward and Bella (because they clearly are trying to achieve connections to those characters for some ridiculous reason) bear no resemblance to the interesting characters from the original that one could actually relate to. This version's Nancy claims "she doesn't fit in" but not only is there nothing to indicate this, it's simply pointless. And she's soooo boring! After listening to her mumbles and dull angst for an hour, I wanted her to die. She was clearly trying to channel something between Kristen Stewart and Zooey Deschanel - of whom I hate both. Quentin volleys all around from "loser" to "caring boyfriend" to "misunderstood" somehow without retaining any character at all. At one point he makes a change of heart that makes no sense whatsoever. I have to wonder if the actors even bothered to watch the original.

Freddy. Freddy Krueger was a filthy child MURDERER that worked in a boiler room. He was NOT - (here's the ?spoiler?) a pedophile or child molester that worked in a preschool. This film makes him out to be just that. In fact, nowhere in this movie does it even indicate that he ever killed a child before the parents got him. That they changed this fact completely infuriates me and undoubtedly countless other fans. Are they trying to alter the way today's youth perceives this villain? Do they think that simply being a child murderer is not scary enough? Or perhaps that's considered too scary now. Way to ruin one of the best villains of all time. And to think I was angry that Robert Englund was not going to play Freddy - Now I'm so glad he's not in this movie!!! As far as his look goes - Yuck! He's a cross between a melted cat and an alien Grey. His persona is yucky-creepy and disgusting rather than powerful,terrifying and scary-creepy. His lines mostly fail and his voice lacks character. The original Freddy had substance - all the characters did actually. Horrible!

What a sad/poor choice to lose the parents as interesting characters. All the parents of the original both maintained and supported the story while in this one, remain unconvincingly concerned and once again, boring. I mean, I didn't expect anyone to be able to live up to Ronee Blakely, but you could have tried to have SOME sort of connection to Marge Thompson. And apparently, Nancy just lacks a father..somehow. Way lame.

The only - and I mean only - decent aspect of this movie goes to the camera/special effect teams. The boiler room had the right ambiance although there was little reason to have a boiler room when Freddy is based in a preschool... The TRANSITIONS into the dream sequences were nicely done and actually echo the way some dreams can be. The recreated scenes from the original were good, but I felt robbed at the bathtub scene - at least in the original we got to see some of what was supposed to be Nancy's boobs. I'm not sure what clenched the R rating for this film. It certainly wasn't most of the death scenes. At any rate I don't want the camera/special effects people to suffer job-wise from this travesty as they did good work.

So lastly, do yourself a favor and just watch the original Nightmare on Elm Street. You don't need this garbage.

Oh, and who the hell falls asleep, micro-naps or not, while swimming laps in a pool???

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Fills that "I really need a small town blighted with terror movie now! need., 26 March 2010

Firstly, I have to say this would make a great Double Feature with Nathan Fillian's Slither. I think they would make a rockin' pair - that or possibly Stephen King's The Mist.

At any rate, this is a fun film that offers all the action/suspense/horror that movies like this are supposed to do. And it does that pretty darn well. One of the strongest points are the filming itself. This film moved nicely between heavy and lighter scenes. Some of the shots are both memorable and downright amazing. The people behind the cameras knew what they were doing. The characters were a little light, but likable and played well by their actors. I felt suspense, which is rare for me these days.


A. The plot jumps a little too quickly

B. Would have liked to see more "crazy"

C. A couple scenes were a little cliché

D. Oh darn! It's a re-make.

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Very Satisfying Addition to the Series! Lot's of fun!, 29 August 2009

Saw this and H2 as a double feature tonight and The Final Destination blew Halloween away. While this certainly follows the similar formulas as the previous films, the movie serves as almost an homage to it's predecessors. Rube Goldberg'd to the max, the death scenes are plenty gory and this movie is all about suspense. Plus, the 3-D factor adds a fun perspective to the whole movie. They're really getting that 3-D stuff down! Some minor aspects of the movie are predictable especially if you've seen all the others. There are nice references to the previous movies and I especially liked the opening credits! In fact, I'd have to say they were some of the best opening credits I've ever watched! The ending falls a little flat but that's mostly because I have this great idea for an alternate ending which is driving me nuts wanting to write it here. My biggest issues with the movie relates to a lack of character development but again, this is something the other movies in the series has struggled with as well. It's also kinda short for a movie. Good show and you'll love it if you're a fan!

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Friday the 13th(2009) - A Stupendous Addition to the Series, 13 February 2009

As a fan of the horror genre and all the ones in this series that matter, I am thrilled to finally say "Thank you for doing it right!!!" to the people involved with making this film.

I didn't expect it to be good. I walked into the theater wondering "How are they going to mess this one up?" Years of remakes have made me and presumably many others calloused and weary of all the foul-ups. This fan is very pleased.

To begin with, this time was different. I actually felt like I did while originally watching the better parts of this series (1,2,3,4,6 and a little 7). The ambiance of Crystal Lake is executed perfectly which is a vital aspect to this series. The woods, the lake, the cabins all take on the elements needed for just the right setting. Great lighting and effects add to the suspense nicely.

The film has just the right mix of suspense, horror, comedy and gratuitous nudity that are required for a Friday the 13th movie. In some ways, it is more suspenseful than any of the originals and if I might add, a little scarier as well for those that are not as "de-sensitized" as yours truly. The acting/directing was certainly a helpful hand to the additional fear element as the actors maintained a nice brevity between real fear, comic delivery and enough "over the top on purpose" character development to play the ideal camp victims that they are. Nice directing choices there.

The death scenes were both gratifying and terrifying with touches of humor and the count was not disappointing. Some of the scenes were a touch too quick. The blood is very realistic and the gore even more so. I would have liked to see one heavy splattering but the variety was well done.

Jason himself is well portrayed and it's enjoyable to see him large and in charge in his turf. I feared the preview images of him running, but this was actually not overdone at all. He's just as ominous as ever with his clearly forceful determination to maintain his loner atmosphere and follow his mama's lead.

I find myself going back and forth between seeing this as a remake/re-imagining and wanting to declare it as it's own rightful installment of the series. I'm sure the producers must have been tempted to do the same. Aspects of several of the prior films were pulled together to echo the originals and should be a treat for the hardcore fans. It was for me anyway. Regardless, this movie is far superior to the lesser, extremely crappy installments of the Friday the 13th films. Thanks again.