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Deterrence (1999)
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Left Speechless, 26 March 2012

This is a movie that takes nuclear brinkmanship and adds a few twists. I'm not a low budget film fan at all, but this movie is one of those that will make you forget about the budget & will have you so immersed that it will just leave you mouthing the "WOW" (or some variation of that) at the end of the film.

Although the movie is a bit dated now, it still ranks as one of the best examples of what it really takes to make a great movie... simply great acting & directing.

Very few movies make my best movie list, Kevin Pollack has 2 movies on that list (the other being "The Usual Suspects")which is a feat in & of itself.

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Amazing Movie!, 22 January 2007

This is truly one the better films I've seen this year. Both Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti gave very solid performances. Norton gives an excellent performance as Eisenhiem an extremely talented & mysterious magician who mesmerizes everyone (including you) with his talents. Paul Giamatti nearly perfectly plays a police inspector who is torn between his admiration of Eisenhiem & his need to please the prince to promote himself socially. With these 2 performances must say that I expected as much from Norton, but Giamatti really surprised me with his performance in this role. Normally I tend to dislike "period" movies set back in whatever time period rarely seems to interest me. This one not only kept my interest, but demanded it. This is one of those movies that everything seems to come together just right to make a very entertaining movie that stands as one of 2006's best movies. If you haven't seen this movie yet, then see it! It's definitely worth the price of a rental. I've given this movie a 9 out of 10

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All I can say is WOW!, 29 August 2006

Aaron McGruder is brilliant! I have only occasionally glanced at his comic strip, but I rented this adult cartoon last weekend not really knowing what to expect, as I have never seen the show on TV and I was literally on the floor laughing. Not being a fan of anime or most cartoons in general, I was skeptical that I was going to like it and rented the DVD simply because of Aaron McGruders name, needless to say, it was an excellent choice. The Boondocks uses humor to direct your attention to racial, political & cultural issues that exists. Although the cartoon uses a lot of adult language and crude humor to get it's point across, there are very clear and intelligent messages that are thought provoking for all races & cultures, not just for the African-American community.

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Possibly the 2nd best African American comedy I've seen, 22 June 2006

I just watched this movie again after seeing it many years ago, and it was just as funny as I remembered it being initially. This is one the best black comedies in recent years, it's very light hearted and not meant to be taken seriously (it's a comedy after all) Bill Bellamy & his friends are hilarious. This is definitely as must see for anyone wanting to see a good light hearted comedy that will make you laugh all the way through. The only movie in this genre that currently comes to mind that I liked better than "How to be a Player" is the original "Friday". To sum it up, see this movie if you like African American comedies, or light hearted comedies of any genre with no deep message & just a lot of adult oriented laughs.

Elektra (2005)
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Great Movie, 11 April 2005

I finally watched Elektra this weekend. And I was not disappointed, the special effects and action sequences were excellent and the location shots were amazing. The story line was little more than adequate but the action and pace of the movie more than made up for it. Jennifer Garner looked as great as ever. I'm not big on comics and I knew nothing of who or what the Elektra character was about so this movie doesn't just appeal to existing Electra or Daredevil fans (I was really disappointed with Daredevil by the way). I can see why previous posters have said this is a must see for Marvel comics fans! So if your looking for a great action movie don't pass this one up! It's one of the best blends of scifi, action and a little fantasy that I've seen in quite awhile.

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Funny Movie, 14 March 2005

This was a good funny movie. I picked this up having not heard anything at all about it. I had no expectations and found a very funny movie that dropped the ball (suprisingly) only a few times. The cast was so-so with the best parts coming from AJ Johnson & Uncle Luke. Luther Campbell basically cursed everyone out through the whole movie, which would've normally have been a major turn off, but it suit the character he was playing to a tee. AJ is that strange little cousin that nobody wants around, but he doesn't seem realize it. The characters Malik & Morris played solid parts, but seemed to be along for the crazy ride with AJ Johnson. A few slow parts but thankfully it doesn't slow down the pace of the movie. It's one of those you'll either love it or hate it type of movies. Don't let the title or the fact that Luther Campbell is in this movie fool you, it's not some toned down adult flick. It's a solid black comedy.

Soul Plane (2004)
Simply Off Tha Hook!, 13 September 2004

Soulplane is just down right stupid!, You'll probably never see another movie quite like this! Some would say that's a good thing, but I've just watched it twice this weekend (almost didn't rent it because I read these reviews 1st) & literally laughed all the way through this movie. I've seen some pimped out rides, but a pimped out plane? I think people are taking this movie way too seriously, or they don't know how, when or why to laugh at this specific type of cultural humor, this is very obviously a FUBU movie, but there's no reason for others to bash this movie. The movie just pokes fun at everything & everybody (regardless of race, sex &/or religion). People it's not "Friday" but it is a good slapstick comedy thats great for a few laughs.