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"Hannibal" (2013)
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A feast for the eyes, 15 March 2014

This series is quite brilliant on many levels. The acting is superb, the visuals are stunning and the story lines are intense. I can hardly wait until the episode comes out, but that feeling isn't induced by operatic cliffhangers. Yes, there are twists and turns in the plot, and they're also quite brilliant, but the overall feel of this series and suspense got me more hooked than for instance True Detectives did. The main actors are matched by their entire supporting cast, the score is amazing, and for a fan of Hopkins' Hannibal (plus the prequel), this does not let me down. In fact, Will Graham has never been better portrayed in my opinion. No Benjamin Raspails in this orchestra. May this series live a long long life (no pun intended).

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quick-paced fun, 18 October 2013

Now I really hope I won't face another heartache like I did with 'Partners' and get attached just so they will cancel this. Who knows what those NBC execs are up to or which logic they apply.Sitcoms don't seem to get a chance to develop anymore. Remember Will and Grace took a little bit of time too. I thoroughly enjoyed this sitcom and it gets better by the episode. Sean Hayes is amazing, the rest is still sort of centered around him, and catching on, still the potential feels great. The boss is the only character that doesn't feel great yet, but hey, look at Jack and Karen, one of the greatest comedy duos. Give it some time will you. Five seasons for starters? Just compare it to so many crappy shows that go on for seasons. This one actually made me Laugh Out Loud a number of times. Do it for the gays...I meant Hayes. PS why is Sean Hayes not on top of the credits and only mentioned for two episodes?

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Chucky's back for some action... or not., 25 September 2013

Personally, my favorite movie from this series is "Bride of Chucky". The campy humor horror made me wish for a sequel about every two months. I'm not sure it'll be easy to get another sequel after this one though I dread the thought. The dialog and acting in curse of Chucky is somewhat soapy if you get my drift, and a little slow-paced. The doll looks duller, most of the effects were better executed more than twenty years ago, and the lighting and make-up give the film a telenovella look. I mean, the kid has a single piece of glitter stuck on her face for half a scene, and the skin problems and surgeries are too apparent. Though Brad Dourif was somehow convinced to play the character again, his wig looks about as real as Barbs lips. In one scene the lead actress even seems to be having something stuck in her nose. I'm just saying, a viewer shouldn't be aware of these things. The film does pick up the pace somewhat but only after 45 minutes. Don't get your hopes up though, it never gets close to any of the other movies. Please bring back the style of movies like Halloween H2O, Bride of Chucky, Scream 1 and 2,... I think there's room for a revival of the genre. It could replace torture porn as far as I'm concerned. I was really looking forward to this movie. Sigh. Better luck next time I hope.

Erased (2012)
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Husslers in Brussels, 14 October 2012

Now, I might be prejudiced watching this movie,being Belgian, but this is the first action movie I've seen shot almost entirely in Belgium. In Bruges has shown us a peek at how cinema sees this little country, the Expatriate breaks it open moving from Brussels to Antwerp and back. Regardless the setting however, I found this movie to be very decent, and in its genre, actually well-paced, Aaron Eckhart does a very good job at competing with the likes of Jason Statham within this genre, adding credibility to his character. A good action-thriller that where it may lack in original premise makes up for in acting, action and a decent ending.A B movie only for being filmed in Brussels, Belgium, and A movie for Aaron's Acting

"Partners" (2012)
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Will you Grace us with 9 seasons please (at least), 5 October 2012

I'm giving this a generous 10 first of all because this is by the creators of Will and Grace, to this day my favorite sitcom of all time, and secondly because I would love another 8 seasons of witty one-liners, characters that grow on you until they've taken such a place in your life (yes, even when you have one) it actually hurts to say goodbye. This starts out as good as Will and Grace did, Jim Burrows came back to the party, now let's hope Wyatt is Jack's distant cousin and Jack and auntie Karen will drop by sometimes. Anyways, Will and Grace references put aside, I think the premise is fairly original, even a great train for the world to get on board with, and a great example for straight boys who may find a friend in a fagela instead of a threat to their "masculinity". Now morality put aside: bring the laughter, giggles and fun.