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Brilliant cinematography, poor choice of narrator., 5 October 2012

The filming of this material must have taken years, I don't think I have ever seen underwater stop motion photography before, seeing the coral grow is an amazing sight. It's good to see the latest techniques of cinematography brought to this area. The colours are vivid, the UV night-work was unique. Most definitely worth watching. Now the downside. I read that the BBC viewers were not happy with Monty Halls as their presenter. I'm not familiar with him, but for our presenter down here where the reef comes from we got Karl Stefanovic. Now Karl's a nice enough bloke and I enjoy his Larrikin behavior on morning TV but we enjoy David Attenborough providing narration because he makes us feel smart. Karl just makes me feel like a Bogan (Australian equivalent of the redneck or Chav) pretending to be smart. I know Bud Tingwell is sadly no longer with us but isn't there someone else who gets called on to play lawyers who can lend the dialog some style.