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Very entertaining, well portrayed, well directed, closely follows the book.
25 May 2006
I don't understand all the hoopla and negativity around this film. I find that any movie that makes me think about historical possibilities; or, for that matter, makes me think at all, is well worth seeing. Tom Hanks gives a fine performance and his hair is a non-issue! I have no problem believing him as Robert Langdon, a College professor who fits into the plot. Audrey Tautou is beautiful and, despite her heavy accent, a delight to watch as Sophie. If you chose to believe that the story is 100 % fiction, it is a great story, totally engaging. If you have an open mind, and are willing to entertain the possibilities, you will have a most rewarding experience. Ron Howard shows as once more that he is a master movie maker. Considering the complexity of the plot and the huge amount of information that the writer had to pack into the 2 hours and 20 minutes, writer Akiva Goldman did an incredible job. I feel that reading the book before seeing the movie is an asset to understanding; but not necessarily a pre-requisite. If you get a bit lost, you'll understand better if you read the book afterwords, or, better yet, see the movie again! If you have a closed mind, are a Christian fanatic and must have everything stagnant, do yourself a favor and don't see it. You don't have to you know. Just live and let live!
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De-Lovely (2004)
I have seen this movie four times!
15 January 2005
Even if De-Lovely is not historically correct, Kevin Kline's performance is outstanding. The music keeps your feet tapping during the entire film. This is a movie that despite Cole Porter's complex and tragic life, leaves you feeling good. Jonathan Price, as always, gives a terrific performance as Gabe. The idea of "having your life flash in front of your eyes before you die" is carried out seamlessly and even Ashley Judd, though miscast as Linda Lee, who was actually 8-12 years Porter's senior, is a delight. A special mention to the make-up artists, who do a fabulous job in aging the characters over several decades. I will see it probably a few more times....(the CD is also enjoyable. Who can go wrong with Cole Porter tunes?)
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