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A list of my top 20 favorite movies of all time!
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Awesome movies on my shelve's. I'm just looking over and putting the names of the movies i own, some of them!
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Best to worst, but lets face it, most Disney movies are awesome! My top 45 best to worst Disney movies!
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I would kill myself before watching any one of these movies for a second time! Not in order! They are SO bad its not even funny!
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The top 45 pirate movies worth watching! not in order!
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You want more zombies, then check out these great titles! Not in order! The top movies and tv show. Haha!
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TV Mini-Series that didnt last long, but are amazing!
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My top list of Alien Movies, not in order! Star Wars didnt make the list because I think of it as Syfy adventure fantasy, and other amazing titles such as Star Trek, the Blob and james cameron's the Thing or james cameron's Avatar didnt make this list because it would make a huge list to name all the greats! Enjoy!
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There are countless tv shows out there, but which ones are the best, which ones are worth your time. This top ten list of my favorite TV shows is a great start to satisfy you lust for good television! Enjoy!
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Movies with grime, guts and amazing dark action! Movies that put you on the edge of your seat and keep you there!
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DC, Marvel, and more. All superhero movies!
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A small list of the top movie directors.
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Film's that expanded the imagination. My top favorite movies not in order.
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