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Cosmopolis (2012)
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This is not for me, 3 October 2012

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Let me just say, I never had an account with IMDb before and I made one 5 minutes ago just so I can comment on this movie, I finished the entire movie last night and boy it felt like forever, all characters are like robot, talks like they're from another planet, most of the scenes are in the limo which is really low budget kinda movie but I read that they spent 20 mil (probably just paying on R-Patz and the rest of the actors), he pees in the car, he had sex in the car, he had a rectal exam in the car.. Summary is I RATHER WATCH PAINT DRY having said that, I still love R-Patz I just think he picked the wrong movie to be in, but everyone needs to get paid so there you have it.