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Faster (2003)
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Slightly flawed documentary is entertaining and educational, 9 July 2004

The fact that there are so few good motorcycle movies makes "FASTER" difficult to rate. If you compare this movie to dreck like "Torque" or "Biker Boyz", it's an absolute 10. If you compare it to the obvious choice "On Any Sunday", the movie is good but it leaves you feeling like it could have been a little bit better.

It's more or less a documentary of the top motorcycle road racing series in the world, MotoGP. The movie focuses primarily on four different riders over the course of the 2001 and 2002 seasons. The narration by Ewan McGregor is excellent, and the racing footage (a mix of shots filmed for the movie and archival race coverage) is fabulous. The interviews with former world champions are entertaining and educational.

However, the way the movie tends to jump around a bit might confuse people who aren't already fans of the sport, a problem that detracts from the excellence of the movie. Basically, you should watch it, but if you're not already a MotoGP fan maybe you should watch it with one so they can explain.